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CONSIDER THIS / DIVISIONAL UPDATE Simplifying Cloud Computing for Retailers BY RICHARD MADER Richard Mader is executive director of ARTS. In the cloud RFP released in January, ARTS addresses questions that are foundational to all cloud computing offerings. Closely tied to infrastructure as a service scenarios, these questions should be used as the basis for all cloud solutions, including platform as a service (PaaS) and SaaS (ARTS will address specific questions relevant to PaaS and SaaS in future releases). To help mitigate risks associated with cloud computing, the cloud RFP is structured to prompt retailers to ask prospective vendors compelling questions about security, reliability, manageability, availability, performance, migration, monitoring, capacity and scalability, system software, interThe ARTS cloud computing whitepaper explores the operability, audit and compliance. complementary relationship between SOA and cloud, the The cloud RFP is available free of relative costs of cloud computing and addresses the top charge to ARTS and NRF memconcerns associated with it — security, reliability, bers at downloads and may be purchased availability and interoperability. by non-members. Cloud computing is not a new topic among those in the retail IT community, but there is cloud computing, the whitepaper differentiates this technola wide range of opinions that can make it difficult to deogy from traditional ASP or data center offerings. It also extermine its value in a retail environment. By leveraging plores the complementary relationship between SOA and the ARTS cloud computing whitepaper, retailers will uncloud, the relative costs of cloud computing and addresses derstand an open industry definition of cloud computing, the top concerns associated with it — security, reliability, as well as the benefits it can deliver. Coupled with the availability and interoperability. And, because ARTS is an ARTS cloud RFP, retailers will save valuable time and reopen standards organization, the whitepaper concludes sources and be able to move more quickly toward implewith a chapter entitled “Avoiding Vendor Lock-in.” mentation. With a firm understanding of the basics of cloud computIf you are interested in learning more about the value of ing, the retailer will be well-positioned to begin a dialogue ARTS cloud deliverables, consider attending IBM’s Impact with cloud providers by leveraging the ARTS cloud RFP 2011, April 10-15 in Las Vegas, where ARTS cloud cotemplate. The cloud computing RFP builds on the conchairs Darrell Sandefur (Kroger) and Johanna Koester cepts developed in the ARTS cloud computing whitepaper (IBM) will present an overview in a session entitled “Retailand helps the retailer transition from a basic understanders Realize Savings By Using Industry-Developed Cloud ing of cloud concepts to their actual application in the reStandards.” tail environment. With a cloud computing whitepaper and RFP template developed by a committee of leading retailers and vendors chaired by The Kroger Co. and IBM, ARTS saves merchants much of the time and money required to understand and implement cloud computing in the retail enterprise. The ARTS cloud computing whitepaper helps retailers start at the very beginning by providing basic definitions of the services supported by the cloud, including infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service. To eliminate confusion about what is and is not 62 STORES / APRIL 2011 WWW.STORES.ORG Cloud computing is a model that offers users access to their applications from anywhere using any connected device via services and resources that are dynamically provisioned and shared to achieve economies of scale. For retailers, this translates to a reduction of the costs to manage certain existing and new systems — critically important at a time when they are constantly exploring new capabilities that will likely increase the complexity of IT infrastructure, data volume and computing demands. http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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