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NUTS AND BOLTS / MULTI-CHANNEL Consistency Counts Omni-channel platform helps JTV’s e-commerce efforts shine BY KAREN KROLL T he number of channels within which retailers can operate continues to grow. Where a store and website used to suffice, many merchants are adding mobile and social media applications; as the Internet melds with television, more brands could find they’ll need a TV strategy, as well. product information available, the category pages were cumbersome to manage. Due to the system’s complexity, the merchandising team wasn’t able to incorporate new promotions or tweak the design. Instead, “senior development engineers were doing basic HTML, Javascript and CSS coding,” Shields says. “It wasn’t the best use of resources.” It also was becoming clear that the system would be unable to effectively scale as the company and its array of selling channels grew. The same experience JTV already had a centralized database for inventory, customer and transaction information. It needed to integrate an e-commerce platform that would allow merchandisers to make changes quickly and consistently, and to reach customers in all channels. Say a customer is watching JTV on television, smartphone at her side. She sees a product on TV that intrigues her, opens up JTV on her phone and searches for the same item, where she learns more about the product and adds it to her virtual shopping cart. “No matter what device the customer picks up, it’s the same experience,” Shields says. Demandware, a provider of ondemand e-commerce platforms, has helped JTV deliver just that, both online and through its mobile application, and JTV is formulating a strategy for tablet devices, as well. Demandware’s solutions are software-as-a-service (SaaS), making them easier and less expensive to launch STORES / JUNE 2011 89 The consumer market is much more “fragmented,” says Craig Shields, vice president of e-commerce with Jewelry Television (JTV), a retailer of jewelry, gemstones and gifts. While JTV’s cable television channel remains the company’s largest source of revenue and the primary vehicle for generating consumer awareness, its e-commerce business is growing. Last year, the company launched applications for iPhone and Android devices. On top of this, Shields and his colleagues are monitoring the looming convergence between the Internet and television. “It’s been anticipated for decades, but in the last six to eight months, it’s been growing at warp speed,” he says. According to research firm Parks Associates, the number of Internet-connected high-definition TVs will reach more than 150 million units by 2015. As JTV began capturing more sales via different channels several years ago, its systems had a hard time keeping up. When it came to online sales, “we felt we were perpetually behind in the basic principles of e-commerce,” Shields says. While the company’s content management system contained all the WWW.STORES.ORG Working side by side with Demandware “gave our team the opportunity to learn faster, vs. being handed the project when it was over.” – Craig Shields, JTV http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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