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NUTS AND BOLTS / HUMAN RESOURCES Enlightened Approach to Hiring Tools help Yankee Candle place employees where they can shine brightest BY JANET GROEBER orty years ago, a teenage Mike Kittredge was too cash-strapped to buy his mother a Christmas present. So he melted some crayons and canning wax together and poured the mixture into an old milk carton. A neighbor saw the creation and persuaded Kittredge to sell the candle to her. With that transaction, Kittredge bought enough wax to make two more candles — one for his mom and another to sell – and Yankee Candle was born. Based in South Deerfield, Mass., Yankee Candle calls itself “America’s favorite brand of premium scented candles.” The company also claims to be the most-recognized and best-selling candle brand. Master chandlers (candle makers) make the majority of Yankee Candle’s products in advanced manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts using high-quality essential oils and fragrance extracts. The company’s natural wax blend candles are offered in more 54 STORES / JANUARY 2010 than 150 fragrances — known for their long burning time and long-lasting scent. The company operates 458 Yankee The assessment tools “help us to identify the optimal individuals within the hiring process as well as to create more effective teams.” — Dorrin Exford, Yankee Candle Candle and 27 Illuminations stores in major malls in 43 states, as well as 90,000-sq.-ft. superstores in South Deerfield and Williamsburg, Va., both offering more than 400,000 candles. Outside North America, the company sells its products primarily through its subsidiary, Yankee Candle Co. (Europe), which has an international wholesale customer network of 3,483 store locations and distributors covering 41 countries. The company also has an expanding North American wholesale customer network that includes approximately 17,500 specialty retailers. One key to Yankee Candle’s success is its vertically integrated business model, which enables the company to control almost every aspect of the business from product conceptualization to manufacturing, marketing and sales. To find employees who are good fits for particular positions, Yankee Candle has been using Predictive Index from Wellesley, Mass.-based international management consulting company PI Worldwide since 2002. The assessment tools “help us to identify the optimal individuals within the hiring process as well as to create more WWW.STORES.ORG http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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