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HUMAN RESOURCES FORECASTING COMPONENTS Exponential Smoothing uses a store's most recent history. Same Period Last Year is a straightforward comparison Planning Ahead of the current and previous year 's data. Neural Network self-teaches based on the history of influencers, such as Workforce solution helps Harmons improve H day-of-the-week shopping staffing and scheduling capabilities habits and local pay days. Moving Average BY MICHAEL HARTNETT allows the client to combine recent history with current armons Grocery Stores traces its roots to 1932, when Jake and trends. Irene Harmon opened a produce stand that formed the founda- tion of the 11-store chain that has become an institution in the state of Utah. The Harmons' tradition of customer service continues tions in customer traffic by day part today through CEO Terry Harmon and other family members. a traffic spike from noon to 2 p.m., fol- lowed by a slowdown, then another spike from 6 to 8 p.m. Holidays and lo- It was this commitment to customer service that prompted Harmons to install the cal events like a convention must be ac- Workforce Management application by Tomax to improve forecasting of counted for, as well as forecast influ- staffing needs and scheduling. encers like pay days on the 15th and Based on results of that installation some 18 months ago, we feel the application 30th of the month. has given us the ability to have a better schedule and have the right people in the right For retail chains operating stores in positions at the right time, says Lee Hussey, Harmons' director of IT. We have seen multiple markets, California and Michi- our customer service experience heightened because it does give us that ability. gan have some of the most stringent safe- The application can be used to im- ty regulations that can affect staffing, prove the accuracy of staff forecasting and to cre- and the same is true in Canada. And for ate work schedules throughout the store, from those companies with a unionized work- distribution and inventory functions to merchan- force, contractual agreements must be dising and POS. part of forecasting and scheduling. The first thin-client version of the application Harmons' initial use of the Tomax was introduced in 2002 and has since gained ac- forecasting and scheduling applications ceptance from about half of the Fortune 500 gro- focused on its front-end applications cers in the United States and Canada. A key rea- checkout staff and baggers, primarily. son is its ability to accurately manage a Based on the performance results from mind-boggling array of variables. that implementation, the chain plans to Sales volume in hundreds of individual prod- roll it out to all store operations this year. uct categories must be forecast, as well as varia- S TO R E S / FEBRUARY 2 0 0 6 55 WWW.STORES.ORG http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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StORES Magazine - February 2006