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ARTS UPDATE From SOA to Multi-channel Agility S BY RICHARD MADER ervice Oriented Architectures is a hot retail IT catch-phrase these days. There is a lot of talk about SOA, but very little practical information available about what it is, how it can support a retail business or which retail companies have imple- mented it. ly pass? ARTS is convinced According to Llamas, fo- Service Oriented Architec- means IT does not have to that SOA is a critical, neces- cusing on the customer will ture is a strategy that defines build or buy application code sary and long-term compo- provide Harrods with the the use of services to support for every new application or nent of successful retail IT ar- competitive edge it needs to the requirements of software business change request. Predictive enterprise c h i t e c t u r e . ARTS and the differentiate itself in the mar- users, according to Tom Ster- NRF believe it is critical that ketplace, reduce reliance on ling, president of Information retailers have the best avail- Harrods Department Store mark-down selling and com- Services Group and a consult- able information to plan and in London turned to SOA municate a consistent brand ant to ARTS for SOA educa- implement the right SOA when it embarked on a proj- m e s s a g e and experience tion. for their business. ect to review and renew its IT a c r o s s all customer touch In an SOA environment, a Working with leading IT ar- application portfolio. CIO points. service is an application func- chitecture companies, ARTS David Llamas describes the In Harrods' old point-to- tion packaged as a reusable is creating a unique education principal goals as maximizing component for use in a busi- point architecture, the cus- s e s s i o n an SOA Boot the investment in all systems ness process. It either provides tomer information had be- Camp that, like all ARTS while reducing the complexi- information or facilitates a come fragmented and difficult standards, will be vendor- ty of the existing architecture, change to business data. This to share across departments neutral. The session will in- as well as becoming a pre- and channels. Having a data- troduce the concepts and key dictive enterprise one that base of customer records is terminology for retail enter- understands its customers' just data, says Llamas. Hav- prise architecture and SOA, needs and anticipates them by ing a clean, accurate database and is intended to help CIOs developing a single view of of customer records is infor- and IT managers understand the customer and improving mation. Harrods on track not just the basic concepts merchandise optimization and benefits, but what role in- systems. dustry standards will play and Harrods is on track to im- Harrods greets more than how to build a business case plement its core SOA archi- 5.5 million visitors a year in tecture in the third quarter of for implementing these new its Knightsbridge store the this year, and will implement architectures. third-most-visited place in the SOA Boot Camp is sched- its multi-channel customer U.K. and generates annual a n d merchandise insight uled for September 26 at the revenues of nearly $1 billion Richard Mader is executive Hyatt Regency DFW in Dal- modules in Q4 2006 and the f r o m that location alone. director of ARTS. l a s . David Llamas will be second quarter of 2007, re- There are more than 250 de- spectively. speaking on Multichannel partments and as many as Retailing: Successfully Inte- How did Llamas win sup- 1,000 active tills in the store grating Multiple Channels port for SOA? He advises during its famous Christmas and Building a Single View of would-be SOA adopters to sale. align future SOA projects the Customer at the NRF- When one considers that with business requirements A RT S Retail Technology Harrods is not just a store and to build the IT proposal Summit, October 5 in Lon- but also a multi-channel re- d o n . You can learn more with SOA to get financial sup- tailer, the astonishing com- about both events, as well as port. plexity of product offering S o is SOA the next big how to register, by visiting a n d the diverse customer thing or will the hype quick- base becomes clear. 110 S TO R E S / SEPTEMBER 2006 W W W. S TO R E S . O R G http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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