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HUMAN RESOURCES when Comes deviated from her career path in computer science consulting to help start the business that spawned Roots of the site were in Denver's first Internet cafe, where Comes and Diane Okunewick began devoting themselves to the com- pany full time. Five other partners have filled in part time as their schedules al- lowed. Toiling at the Internet cafe, Comes no- ticed that customers really liked the cof- fee cakes. Before the year was out, the partners launched to cater to the most successful part of their business. Recipe for They operated the Internet cafe and the website for five years before closing the store in 2000. The staff shrank from Payroll-Free Retail a high of 15 when the storefront was op- erating to zero after the company be- came an Internet-only retailer. Still, Comes doesn't have a ready an- swer when asked how many people work for the company. The partners adds outsourcing, blends in S l e n d a hand, but they don't c o l l e c t contractors, gets sweet results s a l a r i e s ; everyone else and their numbers exceed 100 helps through outsourcing, working on everything BY ED McKINLEY from marketing to accounting and in- h e r r y Comes runs a thriving business but never scrambles to meet a payroll, doesn't fret about unfilled orders and looks forward to the holiday rush. I can go on a three-week va- EXTRA SUGAR c a t i o n and not worry, says Sales volume Comes, president and CEO of 44.8% increased Majordomo's, a Castle Rock, Colo.-based company that re- tails more than 80 types of gour- in Q1 of 2006. m e t coffee cakes on Cof- and wholesales similar pastries under the name of oDelish Baking Co. Comes achieved her profound sense of security by out- sourcing nearly every company function, many of them to the AnswerNet Network. The Princeton, N.J.-based company operates 54 call centers in the United States and Canada for 35,000 clients, handling sales, customer service, order fulfill- ment, order tracking and outbound calls. I don't have any employees and I don't want any, Comes says plainly. This predisposition became apparent in 1995, 46 S TO R E S / SEPTEMBER 2006 W W W. S TO R E S . O R G http://WWW.STORES.ORG

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Stores - September 2006