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Your Words Dear Spirit, After finishing the “Still Waters” story in your February 2013 issue, I immediately felt compelled to contact you. Not only did my eyes tear up when reading about 13-year-old Taylor Cottrell, who prior to learning how to surf was confined to her bed with a rare immune deficiency disorder, but I also cried when reading about Bobby Lane, a 26-year-old Iraq War veteran with PTSD who discovered the therapeutic benefits of catching waves. I don’t cry often, but as an avid surfer and standup paddler, I can say that nothing turns a bad day around like getting outside, grabbing a board, and jumping in the water. As a 47-yearold father of four, I have long recommended the healing effects the ocean, and water in general, provides. So get outside; get in the water; and get your heart beating! I guarantee you’ll feel better afterward! The surf, by its nature, Still Waters propels us. But can it heal us? Van Curaza says yes— one calming wave at a time. 60 spirit february 2013 By Alex Hannaford Photography by Dave Lauridsen february 2013 spirit 61 —SCOT T ROSE LONG BE ACH, CALIFORNIA At least you can’t say we’re dry reading, Scott. Thanks for the note. CAPITOL WRITING I wanted to commend your travel editor, Amanda Gleason, for the fantastic feature she did on Austin, Texas, in the February issue [“Your Adventure In Austin”]. In addition to being a very well-written piece, it highlighted some great entertainment spots outside of the usual suspects on Sixth Street. Also, it was great to see some coverage of the areas surrounding The University of Texas and the State Capitol. —HALEY BROUSSARD AUSTIN, TEXAS Thanks, Haley. Besides directing our travel coverage, writing the Adventure series, and, well, traveling, Amanda also stars in videos of each destination —including Austin. Be sure to check her out on our YouTube Channel, SWASpiritMagazine. MOUTHWATERING TRIFECTA After reading the “Bacon Caramel Corn” recipe in the January issue of Spirit on at least six flights, my curiosity got the best of me, and I tore out the page. Not willing to wait, I promptly made a batch the next day. Holy popcorn, Southwest! What a decadent treat! Bacon Caramel Corn is destined to become a favorite snack in our house. Thanks for sharing the recipe! — K AT I E R I C H A R D S O N SEND ’EM IN Write to us at 2811 McKinney Ave., Suite 360, Dallas, TX 75204 or email letters@spiritmag.com. For comments or questions directed at Southwest Airlines that don’t pertain to Spirit, please visit the “Contact Us” page at southwest.com. Our favorite letter each month wins a Spirit diner mug. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/spiritmag Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/spiritmagazine 20 SPIRIT APRIL 2013 SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS You bet, Katie. Next time you fly, bring some to share with fellow passengers. CONNECTING FLIGHT I just wanted to tell you that the story “The Old Man & the Tree” in your December issue touched me deeply. While reading the article, I really felt a connection to Frank, particularly http://www.southwest.com http://www.facebook.com/spiritmag http://www.facebook.com/spiritmag http://www.twitter.com/spiritmagazine http://www.twitter.com/spiritmagazine

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Spirit Magazine - April 2013
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Spirit Magazine - April 2013