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E M I ENVIRO SHIELD PRODUCTS INC. THE WILLISTON BASIN/BAKKEN SHALE FA L L / W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 Secure Sites Enviro Shield’s extensive line of products and services help its customers operate safely and responsibly throughout the Bakken Shale. • Williston, N.D. Enviro Shield creates its products to protect the environment from clients’ machines and equipment.. “When our customers require special sizes of spill-prevention devices or any special products made, because we are the manufacturer we can design and deliver exactly what they need.” // ENVIRO SHIELD PROFILE [ B Y S TA C I D AV I D S O N ] Enviro Shield Products Inc.. HQ: Williston, N.D. | Specialty: Spill containment Moms throughout the world are known for telling their children to clean up after themselves and to not get anything messy on the furniture. This is not to say Enviro Shield Products (ESP) Inc. acts as a mother hen to the oil and gas industry, but the company does play an important and similarly preventive role – its complete line of environmentally 54

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Energy & Mining International - Fall/Winter 2012
Guiding Voice
Worldwide Presence
Digging South of the Border
Honoring the Best
The Williston Basin
Whiting Petroleum Corp.
Breitling Oil and Gas
HDC Development Cos.
Aspen Air U.S. Corp.
Synergy Resources Corp.
Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services Inc.
Enviro Shield Products Inc.
Savage Services
T&R Transport
Boyd and Sons Construction
Roers Construction Inc. – Roers West LLC
J. Koski Co.
Pat’s Offroad Inc.
Tollberg Homes
Wildcat Minerals
Environmental Materials Inc. and Warren Transport Inc.
Borsheim Crane Service Inc.
Central Machining and Pump Repair
Hive Built Homes – Hive Modular
Jericho Services
Kuntz Builders Inc.
MT Rigmat LLC
Steffes Corporation
Wells Concrete
Annabelle Homes - Bakken Shale
Oil Pipeline Blues
Canada Focus
Orbite Aluminae Inc.
New Millennium Corp.
Dynacorp Fabricators Inc.
PCL Contractors
Colter Energy Services Inc.
Zargon Oil and Gas Ltd.
Prodigy Gold Inc.
Rambler Metals and Mining PLC
Innovator Industrial Services
TWD Technologies
Veresen Inc.
Columbus Castings
Comstock Mining Inc.
MS Energy Services
White Star Pump Co.
Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.
Pershing Gold
Summit Casing Equipment
Black Hawk Energy Services
Timberline Drilling Inc.
Butch’s Rat Hole and Anchor Service Inc.
Calfrac Well Services
Geoprobe Systems®
Pacific Energy Development
Crocodile Gold Corp.
Gold Standard Ventures Corp.
GreenHunter Water LLC
Preferred Sands
Romarco Minerals Inc.
The Final Shot

Energy & Mining International - Fall/Winter 2012