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E M I KEANE GROUP THE MARCELLUS SHALE SPRING 2012 • Tioga, PA “We just have to maintain our existing customer relationships while also building new ones as we leverage our past performance and credibility.” // JAMES STEWART, CEO lower oil zones to the Marcellus Shale, we’ve been able to convert our services to provide clients with the quality top hole drilling and hydraulic fracturing services they need,” CEO James Stewart says. Keane Group has more than 30 years of drilling and hydraulic fracturing experience in the Northeast.. MARKET CHANGES Breaking Through Wise investments have helped Keane Group earn a reputation as a drilling and hydraulic fracturing service provider of choice. [ BY ERIC SLACK ] With more than 30 years of experience in the northeast Pennsylvania and Appalachian regions, Keane Group has established a solid position in the top hole drilling and hydraulic fracturing inPROFILE dustry. The company’s drilling and fracking services have evolved along with the industry, allowing the company to carve out a niche as a valued partner for the region’s oil and gas producers. “As the industry converted from shal- Keane Group. | HQ: Lewis Run, Pa. | Employees: 180 | Specialty: Drilling and hydraulic fracturing Keane Group consists of Keane and Sons Drilling Co. and Keane FRAC LP. The emergence of various opportunities in the Marcellus Shale over the last few years has certainly benefited the company. Before activity in the region ramped up, the market was essentially made up of small, independent producers. However, the last few years have seen the smaller independent companies replaced or acquired by major international corporations and large U.S.-based independents. “The whole landscape of the business has changed in the last three to five years,” Stewart says. “The well types have gone from shallow vertical to the deep Marcellus wells, and the level of service required has gone up exponentially. We adapted by modifying our existing drilling rigs and turning them into top hole rigs. “We also changed from traditional 46

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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2012
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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2012