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E M I BOUILLE ELECTRIC THE MARCELLUS SHALE SPRING 2012 Pride and Performance Establishing a footprint in the gas industry allowed Bouille Electric to flourish, and the company sees other opportunities for growth. Bouille Electric says it has carved out a nice niche. for itself in the gas industry of the Northeast.. • Elmira, N.Y. “Nearly all of our success is due to the fact that our employees take on the responsibility of being our face and voice.” // MIKE SINCOCK, president [ BY ERIC SLACK ] When one well runs dry, it is time to drill another. That effectively describes the history of Bouille Electric. For much of its existence, the company served mostly the industrial sector. But as that market has shrunk around its service area, the company was able to successfully apply its expertise in the growing gas market. PROFILE “In the 1980s, industry was king here,” President Mike Sincock says. “Although there are still some industrial opportunities in the area, we mainly now find ourselves out in the gas fields as opposed to in the plants.” GASSING UP Founded in 1972, Bouille Electric is a mid-sized electrical contracting firm Bouille Electric . | Annual revenue: $10 million – $12 million Employees: 50-60 | HQ: Elmira, N.Y. | Specialty: Electrical contracting based in Elmira, N.Y. The company is built on a tradition of quality, service and building relationships. Bouille has carved out a nice niche for itself, working on various general industrial, commercial and institutional wiring projects and gaining experience in power, lighting, high voltage, data and fiber optic installations, process controls, bucket truck and line work. The company works on everything from service calls to multimillion-dollar projects. Because the company is about five miles from the Pennsylvania border, much of its work in the gas industry is outside of New York. That is because New York has a moratorium on fracking, which limits the opportunities. “Five years ago, we were asked to finish a small project here in New York state,” Sincock says. “The gas industry has always been here, but it used to be small. We’ve been able to get our name out there over the years and develop relationships with the players in the market.” Sincock believes Bouille Electric’s ability to stake a claim in the gas market is directly tied to its belief that quality workmanship is key. He says Bouille’s pride in its performance dates back to 66 PHOTO: © TOM A MIKE

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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2012
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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2012