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E M I STW TECHNIC MINEXPO 2012 SUMMER 2012 Foundation of Innovation STW Technic relies on its foundation of German engineering to ensure customers receive the highest-quality products possible. [ B Y K AT E B U R R O W S ] STW Technic produces electronic vehicle controls for. the energy and mining sectors.. • Norcross, Ga. For more than 25 years, STW Technic has remained on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation thanks to an ability to develop and maintain personalized relationships with each of its customers. For a manufacturer of electronic controls for a wide variety of vehicles, staying ahead of the trends is more important than ever. “We’ve been very successful in continuing to develop new capabilities, features and even radically new products to keep pace with technology,” President Bob Geiger says. “It’s so important to keep pace with technology in not only energy and mining, but other industries, as well.” STW’s corporate office is based in a small town just outside of Munich, and these German roots give the U.S. division an edge not often found in competitors. This unique background provides peace of mind to customers who demand exceedingly high-quality products with the ability to withstand a variety of conditions in the field. “German manufacturing has always PROFILE “Energy and mining industries are very daunting and unforgiving markets, because if you don’t have very high-quality, robust products, you will not be successful.” // BOB GEIGER, president STW Technic. Sales: $80 million | Headquarters: Norcross, Ga. Employees: 400 | Specialty: Electronic vehicle controls 164

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Energy & Mining International - Summer 2012
Wind Financing
Latin American Energy
Mining Developments
Wabash Mfg. Inc.
Mega Precious Metals
Iron Ore Company of Canada
Rainy River Resources Ltd.
Canada Energy
Gear Energy
Manitok Energy Inc.
Chieftain Metals
IC Potash
Nyrstar Langlois Mine
Phoenix Technology Services Inc.
Waycon Manufacturing Ltd.
Tuscany International Drilling
Latin America Focus
Canacol Energy
Orosur Mining
Lithium One Inc.
Cabo Drilling (Panama) Corp.
Continental Gold Ltd.
Guyana Oil Co. Ltd.
Batero Gold Corp.
The Williston Basin
Primary Petroleum
Sanjel Corp.
Summit Energy Services
Kengor Metals LLC
Stone Energy
Holloway Pipe
McFarren Group – Appalachian Transload Services
Trumbull Corp.
De-Cal Mechanical
Buck’s Fabricating
ITI Trailers & Truck Bodies
Hamilton Machine/ ValTek Industries
Rodenberg Diversified LLC
Mazzella Lifting Technologies
Independence Excavating
Magna-Solutions LLC
Blackhawk Specialty Tools LLC
MinExpo 2012
Rail-Veyor Technologies
STW Technic
RAM Enterprise
Miner Elastomer Products Corp.
McElroy Manufacturing
REICHdrill Inc.
Gunnebo Johnson Corp.
The Timken Co.
K/M Specialty Pumps & Systems Inc.
Schroeder Industries
The Reinforced Earth Co.
Geoprobe Systems®
Sumitomo Pogo Mine LLC – Pogo Mine
Power Service Inc.
National Pump Co.
Peak Oilfield Service Co.
TonaTec Exploration
Xtreme Oil & Gas Inc.
White Tiger Gold
TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.
Lydford Mining Co.
MFM Industries Inc.
Crescent Companies
Tri State Tank
Aquila Resources
Armstrong Coal
EnerJex Resources Inc.
Sanchez Energy Corp.
Chatham Steel Corp.
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Energy & Mining International - Summer 2012