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E M I C O N T I N E N T A L G O L D LT D . LATIN AMERICA SUMMER 2012 Setting Gold as the Goal A strategy of seeking high-grade gold projects should pay dividends for Continental Gold in the coming years. [ BY ERIC SLACK ] Continental Gold says it aspires to be the first. modern-day gold producer in Colombia.. • Medellín, Colombia “When you have highgrade gold, you are much more prepared to deal with market cycles.” // MARK MOSELEY-WILLIAMS, president and COO An advanced-stage exploration company, Continental Gold Ltd. operates on the principle that grade is king. That is why it has worked hard to develop a portfolio of mostly high-grade gold projects in Colombia’s mineral-prolific regions. “Our properties were previously held by our board chairman, Robert Allen, who came to Colombia in the late 1980s when everyone was fleeing left and right because of the security situation,” President and COO Mark Moseley-Williams says. “He saw an opportunity to acquire mining and exploration licenses. He decided to put together his best properties into a privately held company, with an objective of making it public over time. We went public in April 2010, and it has been a huge success story with some successful properties.” By exploring for and developing precious metals deposits in Colombia, the company plans to create substantial value in the coming years. Continental’s goal is to be the first modern-day gold producer in Colombia. The prospects for success are sound, thanks to its management team’s 40 years of combined Colombian operational experience and proven track record of identifying, funding and developing various gold projects in Latin America. PROFILE The company has an extensive portfoContinental Gold Ltd.. lio of Colombian gold projects. Its most | HQ: Toronto advanced project is Buriticá, a multimilEmployees: 300 | Specialty: Exploration and lion-ounce gold, silver and zinc deposit. development of mostly high-grade gold projects Buriticá is 100 percent owned by Contiin Colombia nental. It is a 28,903-hectare project about 75 kilometers northwest of Medellín in Colombia’s Antioquia Department. “We look for high-grade gold deposits,” Moseley-Williams says. “When you have high-grade gold, you are much more prepared to deal with market cycles. Eventually, we expect to generate 1,000 tons per day and ramp up from there. We don’t expect gold prices to drop significantly lower over the next few years; if anything, they will go up. We feel that when we move into full- 88

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Energy & Mining International - Summer 2012
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Energy & Mining International - Summer 2012