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GOLDCORP – ÉLÉONORE GOLD PROJECT SPRING 2013 CAN ADA Collaborative Effort Close ties to its Cree Nation partners are helping Goldcorp to advance its Éléonore gold project toward production in 2014. • E M I Vancouver “We are making a sustainable investment in the community.” // GUY BELLEAU, general manager Goldcorp’s gold project in northern Quebec is on target for first production in late 2014.. [ BY ERIC SLACK ] One of the fastest-growing senior gold producers in the world, Goldcorp has operations and development projects in various parts of the Americas. Headquartered in Vancouver, the comPROFILE Goldcorp – Éléonore gold project | Headquarters: Vancouver | Project focus: Gold mining | Employees: 1,000 (Éléonore project) | Annual revenue: $1.6 billion (companywide) pany employs a strategy focused on growth, low cash costs, a strong balance sheet, operations in regions with low risk and responsible business practices. The company’s operating assets include five mines in Canada and the United States, three mines in Mexico and two in Central and South America. In addition, Goldcorp’s pipeline includes projects in Argentina, Canada, Chile and the Dominican Republic. One of the major projects in the pipeline is the Éléonore gold project in Québec. Located in the James Bay region of northern Quebec, Goldcorp purchased the project from Virginia Gold in 2006. Goldcorp views the project as a critical piece of its future growth. The project is currently on target for first production in late 2014. PARTNERING UP Perhaps the aspect most likely to determine the success of the project is its collaborative nature. The Éléonore project is situated in the territory of the 145

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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013
Washington, D.C.
Independent Exploration
Drilling Down
Pipeline Infrastructure
Marine Oil Terminals
Eagle Ford Shale
Monterey Shale
Marcellus Shale
Bakken Shale
Monitoring Fracking
Compliance Abroad
Public/Private Sales
Qv21 Technologies
PVR Partners LP
Lake Truck Lines
Aurcana/Rio Grande Mining Co. – Shafter Mine
Ruder Ware
Legacy Steel Buildings
Mineral Park Mine/Mercator Minerals Ltd.
Hearn Trucking LLC
John Fithian Contracting Co.
Chemex LLC
Global Diving & Salvage Inc.
Gold Spur Trucking
TAM International Inc.
Industrial Minerals Focus
The Mouat Company
Hi-Crush Partners
Mill Creek Sand and Gravel/Peaskie Minerals
Del Sol Industrial Services Inc.
Market & Johnson
Fortress Proppants
Canada Focus
Strategic Oil & Gas
Copper Fox Metals
Standard Machine
Gold Reach Resources
Treasury Metals Inc.
Canadian Zinc
Havlik Gear
The Final Shot

Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013