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F E AT U R E S [ ] 12 | PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTURE | There are regulatory and commercial challenges standing in the way of building pipeline infrastructure for new sources of oil and gas. 16 | MARINE OIL TERMINALS | Overcoming the myriad of challenges that come with these projects requires expert planning, permitting and licensing. 20 | EAGLE FORD SHALE | There’s big business to be had in the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas, but producers will likely face stumbling blocks along the way to profitability. 24 | MONTEREY SHALE | A bounty of oil and gas reserves brings California into the spotlight once again as new technology excites the industry, spurs exploration and holds promise for energy independence. 26 | MARCELLUS SHALE| New York’s natural gas industry must win over the court of public opinion before legislators open the Marcellus Shale for business. TS / ON THE COVER /. PVR PARTNERS’ MIDSTREAM NATURAL GAS BUSINESS MOVES 1.1 BILLION CUBIC FEET OF GAS PER DAY. WITH ITS SUCCESS FIRMLY ESTABLISHED IN THE MARCELLUS SHALE, PVR IS EXPANDING INTO THE UTICA SHALE. 8 | INDEPENDENT EXPLORATION | The major companies might have the financial upper hand in the oil and gas industry, but small, independent firms are coming up big by playing to their strengths. 10 | DRILLING DOWN | Chris Faulkner examines the juxtaposition of an American dream scenario and the nightmare that the regulations operators must navigate to make independence a reality. EN 6 | WASHINGTON, D.C. | President Obama pledged his support for domestic oil and natural gas production during his most recent State of the Union address. Here’s what industry insiders should expect from his second term. NT / DEPARTMENTS / CO Spring 2013 | EXPLORING THE WORLD FOR BEST PRACTICES IN ENERGY AND PRECIOUS METALS 44 “We have a partnership with our Cree partners because we must have synergies with the people who are living on and using the land.”// GUY BELLEAU, PAGE 147 16 30 | BAKKEN SHALE | The Bakken Shale is a sweet spot for natural gas production, but is it a game-changer? 32 | MONITORING FRACKING | Critical wireless IT cuts fracking risks by tracking pumps for management, accountability and security on drilling sites. 160 34 | COMPLIANCE ABROAD | New FCPA guidelines by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission offer clarity for an effective anti-corruption compliance program. 36 | PUBLIC/PRIVATE SALES | When considering selling a business to a public company, it’s best to have all the requirements in order first. 160 | THE FINAL SHOT | Hi-Crush Partners delivers some of the highestquality sand for fracturing – Northern white. 3

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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013
Washington, D.C.
Independent Exploration
Drilling Down
Pipeline Infrastructure
Marine Oil Terminals
Eagle Ford Shale
Monterey Shale
Marcellus Shale
Bakken Shale
Monitoring Fracking
Compliance Abroad
Public/Private Sales
Qv21 Technologies
PVR Partners LP
Lake Truck Lines
Aurcana/Rio Grande Mining Co. – Shafter Mine
Ruder Ware
Legacy Steel Buildings
Mineral Park Mine/Mercator Minerals Ltd.
Hearn Trucking LLC
John Fithian Contracting Co.
Chemex LLC
Global Diving & Salvage Inc.
Gold Spur Trucking
TAM International Inc.
Industrial Minerals Focus
The Mouat Company
Hi-Crush Partners
Mill Creek Sand and Gravel/Peaskie Minerals
Del Sol Industrial Services Inc.
Market & Johnson
Fortress Proppants
Canada Focus
Strategic Oil & Gas
Copper Fox Metals
Standard Machine
Gold Reach Resources
Treasury Metals Inc.
Canadian Zinc
Havlik Gear
The Final Shot

Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013