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+ M O N I T O R I N G F R A C K I N G | DEPARTMENT AND FEATURES Spring 2013 Reducing Fracking Risks Critical wireless IT cuts fracking risks by tracking pumps for management, accountability and security on drilling sites. BY MARK PATTON L ast year’s $1 billion settlement between the federal government and more than 40 Native American tribes marked a turning point in how oil and shale gas drilling sites are handled. In addition to bringing an end to years of litigation over alleged mishandling of trust funds and resources by the government, it opens the door to vast improvements in environmental protection and drilling technology. Many mom-and-pop drilling sites operate the same way they did 80 years ago. On many sites, truck drivers working on the oil rigs would simply jot down the number of barrels on a hand-written receipt and leave it in a mailbox or mason jar. This lack of monitoring can not only be potentially expensive on the accounting books, but also could result in an even more expensive environmental disaster when it comes to fracking and the production systems used. The technology behind oil drilling and harvesting hasn’t changed much over the decades. Similarly, hydraulic fracturing is a little more than 60 years old. But horizontal slickwater fracturing, or “fracking,” only dates back to 1998. This economical method of extracting shale gas and oil may be newer than the other technologies, but the monitoring processes have not changed. 32

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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013
Washington, D.C.
Independent Exploration
Drilling Down
Pipeline Infrastructure
Marine Oil Terminals
Eagle Ford Shale
Monterey Shale
Marcellus Shale
Bakken Shale
Monitoring Fracking
Compliance Abroad
Public/Private Sales
Qv21 Technologies
PVR Partners LP
Lake Truck Lines
Aurcana/Rio Grande Mining Co. – Shafter Mine
Ruder Ware
Legacy Steel Buildings
Mineral Park Mine/Mercator Minerals Ltd.
Hearn Trucking LLC
John Fithian Contracting Co.
Chemex LLC
Global Diving & Salvage Inc.
Gold Spur Trucking
TAM International Inc.
Industrial Minerals Focus
The Mouat Company
Hi-Crush Partners
Mill Creek Sand and Gravel/Peaskie Minerals
Del Sol Industrial Services Inc.
Market & Johnson
Fortress Proppants
Canada Focus
Strategic Oil & Gas
Copper Fox Metals
Standard Machine
Gold Reach Resources
Treasury Metals Inc.
Canadian Zinc
Havlik Gear
The Final Shot

Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013