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E M I SPRING 2013 AURCANA/RIO GRANDE MINING CO. – SHAFTER MINE Local Work Although it has been mined intermittently since 1883, a silver mine in Texas had not seen activity for so long that local know-how was scarce. [ BY RUSS GAGER ] The days of shovel-and-carry mining are long gone, although that is how the silver mine in Shafter, Texas, was started in 1883. Today, modern truck mining employees need a high level of skill to mine and refine minerals from underground caverns. Despite the lack of mining for decades in the area of southwest Texas where the Shafter Mine is located, Rio Grande Mining Co. – which is owned by Aurcana Corp. of Vancouver – is committed to hiring and training as many local people as possible. But first, skilled mining employees had to be hired from Nevada, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico and Canada to train local workers, who had no experience in mining. “We have 152 openings here, so we filled those with as many local people as we could,” reports Sandra Bruce, manager of environmental and permitting. “We’re getting this training to people that typically wouldn’t have this opportunity. Also, typically for every one job that you have at a mine, you create about seven out in the surrounding counties. We spend as much money as we can within our area. Naturally, some things we can’t buy locally, but it has been a PROFILE Aurcana/Rio Grande Mining Co. – Shafter Mine | Headquarters: Shafter in Presidio County Texas | Specialty: Silver mining | Employees: 152 70 Aurcana had to train the local workforce from the ground. up to bring the Shafter Mine back to life.. • Shafter, Texas “Now is the time with silver prices up that it’s economically feasible to go in and produce.” // SANDRA BRUCE, manager of environmental and permitting

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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013
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Energy & Mining International - Spring 2013