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>d DISTRIBUTORS Co-Sales Company National and Local A strategic partnership will place independent food broker Co-Sales Company on the national stage, but its core value is to maintain a localized focus. By Kathryn Jones ith more than 100 years of excellence in the sales, marketing and merchandising to the supermarket and convenience store industry, Co-Sales Company has grown to become the leading independent food broker in the West. Recent developments among key industry players are about to catapult Co-Sales’ reach to a national level, CEO Don Cox says. Co-Sales is widely regarded as a pioneer in the independent grocery broker business. Founded in 1905 as Winchestercompany profile Coe, the company was instrumental in changing the landscape of Arizona’s territorial grocers, essenCo-Sales Company tially setting the stage for how independent grocery Headquarters: Phoenix brokers operate in the Southwest. In 1955, it was Employees: 200+ Specialty: Food broker incorporated as Co-Sales Company. Since then, CoDon Cox, CEO: “Our success has Sales has been able to grow and thrive based on its been based on the fact that we prefer to form a partnership ability to continuously reinvent itself and adapt to between manufacturers and retailchanging market demands. ers for the benefit of all parties.” “We are constantly reinventing our marketing 132 food & drink • fall 2011 • << Founded in 1905, Co-Sales Company set the stage for how independent grocery brokers operate within the United States. W approach,” Cox says. “Our expertise stretches to multiple categories and classes of trade. We are able to be nimble and come up with solutions for our clients and customers. Our success has been based on the fact that we prefer to form a partnership between manufacturers and retailers for the benefit of all parties.” Broadened Horizons Co-Sales is among a select group of independent brokers to triumph over the whirlwind of changes that have affected the industry throughout the past 15 years. Specifically, the food world has experienced a significant amount of consolidation – not just

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Food and Drink - Fall 2011
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News a la Carte
In the Safe Zone
Strengthing Brands
Restaurants: Smart Marketing
Willie’s Restaurants
Slack’s Hoagie Shack
The Cheese Steak Shop
Aloha Hospitality Inc.
Bertucci’s Corp
Falcon Holdings LLC
Mark’s Pizzeria
Seasons Pizza
San Diego State University Dining Services
Producers: Food Law
Brook & Whittle Ltd. incorporating Packstar
Nestle Professional Caribbean
Snyder’s-Lance Inc.
Basic American Foods
Evolution Fresh
Berto’s Gelato & Sorbet
Jensen Meat Co
Tumbador Chocolate
Leclerc Foods USA Inc.
FX Matt Brewing Co.
Green Organic Vegetable Inc.
Deli Star Inc.
Always Bagels
National Choice Bakery
Sequoia Orange Co.
Spring Glen Fresh Foods
Westshore Pizza
Distributors: Total Recall
Columbia Distributing
Castella Imports Inc.
Co-Sales Company
Brick Brewing Co. Limited
Prime Distributors
Retailers: What’s in Store
AriZona Beverage Co.
Le Grand Marche
Three Things

Food and Drink - Fall 2011