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>r RESTAURANTS Mark’s Pizzeria Community Spirit Mark’s Pizzeria does more than sell pizza as it works to make its communities in upstate New York better places to live. By Chris Petersen company profile Mark’s Pizzeria Headquarters: Fairport, N.Y. Specialty: Pizza Mark Crane, founder and owner: “We always try to do everything the best we can, always have.” Palmyra, N.Y., in 1982. According to Crane, he had always been interested in cooking and saw a pizzeria as a way to combine his hobby and his livelihood. Over the years, the company has opened more than 40 stores throughout upstate New York, primarily concentrated in the Rochester and Syracuse areas. Mark’s Pizzeria is focused on making pizza without taking shortcuts, and takes the time necessary to make the best possible pizza. These efforts include making its dough fresh every day and buying fresh ingredients whenever possible, rather than frozen. “We’re really big on quality and service,” Crane says. “We put a lot of time into trying to do it right.” Giving Back Mark’s Pizzeria also is focused on doing the right thing when it comes to community service. Since the company was founded, Crane has been donating time and money to various local charities and organizations. The centerpiece of the company’s efforts is an annual charity golf tournament it hosts, which raises money for organizations such as St. Mary’s Cancer Center of Unity Health and St Mary’s Hospice of Lifetime Care. In addition to the golf tournament, Mark’s Pizzeria also donates directly to 48 food & drink • fall 2011 • << Mark’s Pizzeria says it takes the time to use only the freshest ingredients possible for the best possible pizza. P izza, more than most other forms of takeout, is a communal experience. First, everyone comes together to agree upon the toppings, then everyone gathers around and shares the pie. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that New York-based chain Mark’s Pizzeria takes such an active interest in the community. Founder and owner Mark Crane says serving the community has been just as important to the company as serving quality food, and the company demonstrates this commitment time and time again. Crane founded Mark’s Pizzeria with the opening of a single store in

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Food and Drink - Fall 2011
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Food and Drink - Fall 2011