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>p PRODUCERS Brook & Whittle Ltd. incorporating Packstar Near-Perfect Fit Packaging leaders Brook & Whittle and Packstar have merged to create something that has the potential to be a classic pairing. By Chris Petersen ome combinations are classic – like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, or a cheeseburger and fries. Other pairings, like the recent merger between Brook & Whittle Ltd. and the Packstar Group, have the potential to be classic. By combining the experience and expertise each company has in the packaging field, both sides expect to come out stronger and in a better position to serve their customers than ever before. Andy Sharp, president and founder of Packstar, says the merger came about because both companies were looking for company profile opportunities to bolster their services. “Our goal was always to be a larger player in the shrink-sleeve Brook & Whittle Ltd. incorporating Packstar market, and we felt to achieve that status would tainly take a long time in this financial world to 20 sales: More than $ 10 100 million HQ: North Branford, Conn. make that happen organically,” Sharp explains. Employees: 350 “We at Brook & Whittle were looking for the Specialty: Packaging Stephen Stewart, president: same sort of thing that [Packstar] offered,” says “We’ve actually gone through Stephen Stewart, Brook & Whittle CEO. Packstar’s the recession fairly successfully.” core markets include health and beauty, food and 62 food & drink • fall 2011 • << Brook & Whittle has strengthened its position in the shrink-sleeve packaging market through its merger with Packstar, combining their complementary customer bases. S beverage, and home products. Brook & Whittle primarily serves the personal care and beverage markets. This meant there wasn’t much crossover between the companies’ customer bases, and that there was a lot each company could learn from each other. The merger became official in April 2011. “Hopefully, we’re becoming more important to our customers,” according to Stewart. Complementary Components The newly merged companies were a nearly perfect fit even before the merger, according to Sharp. “From Packstar’s perspective, after having some due diligence performed, we

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Food and Drink - Fall 2011
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News a la Carte
In the Safe Zone
Strengthing Brands
Restaurants: Smart Marketing
Willie’s Restaurants
Slack’s Hoagie Shack
The Cheese Steak Shop
Aloha Hospitality Inc.
Bertucci’s Corp
Falcon Holdings LLC
Mark’s Pizzeria
Seasons Pizza
San Diego State University Dining Services
Producers: Food Law
Brook & Whittle Ltd. incorporating Packstar
Nestle Professional Caribbean
Snyder’s-Lance Inc.
Basic American Foods
Evolution Fresh
Berto’s Gelato & Sorbet
Jensen Meat Co
Tumbador Chocolate
Leclerc Foods USA Inc.
FX Matt Brewing Co.
Green Organic Vegetable Inc.
Deli Star Inc.
Always Bagels
National Choice Bakery
Sequoia Orange Co.
Spring Glen Fresh Foods
Westshore Pizza
Distributors: Total Recall
Columbia Distributing
Castella Imports Inc.
Co-Sales Company
Brick Brewing Co. Limited
Prime Distributors
Retailers: What’s in Store
AriZona Beverage Co.
Le Grand Marche
Three Things

Food and Drink - Fall 2011