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>p PRODUCERS Good Time Beverages Power of the Pouch Innovative packaging and quality products should help Good Time Beverages bring its spirits to consumers across the country. By Eric Slack company profile Good Time Beverages Headquarters: Downey, Calif. Employees: Three (Nine when the plant operates) Specialty: Spirits in pouches Bob Whyte, CEO: “We want our products to be the best.” ed what consumer product to put in the pouch. They considered hair care products, skin care products and spirits. They took the market route with the highest barrier to entry – spirits. “The market has a high barrier to entry because alcohol is tightly controlled,” Whyte says. “We currently sell in 14 states through 16 distributors.” Able to Adapt Like the FlexPouch, Good Time Beverages is able to be flexible. Once the company decided to enter the spirits business, its original plan was to find a co-packing partner. Unfortunately, the company found that the American market was behind the flexible pouch trend and no satisfactory partner existed. Undaunted, the company built a distilled spirits plant in Downey, Calif., and partnered with a China-based engineering firm that custom-built production machinery for the plant, which uses air as its main power source instead of only electricity. This is because the alcohol content in the products is flammable. Air powered machinery eliminates the potential risk of fire from electric power. Good Time Beverages shipped its first products in September 2011. The first products were Bob & Stacy’s Premium Margaritas and Big Barrel Brandy. 114 food & drink • fall/winter 2012 • << Good Time Beverage’s product line includes Premium Margaritas, Big Barrel Brandy and a new vodka cosmopolitan. C apitalizing on emerging trends can help any business stake out a solid position. For Good Time Beverages, the company is convinced that future success hinges on a marriage between high-quality spirits and flexible packaging. “Flexible packaging has already caught on in Asia and Europe,” CEO Bob Whyte says. “Our flexible pouch is free standing, has a 45-degree angled spout and is the shape of a figure eight.” The design of the patented FlexPouch ultimately led to the creation of Good Time Beverages after Whyte and his partner, Stacy Hong, decid-

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Food and Drink - Fall/Winter 2012
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Food and Drink - Fall/Winter 2012