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>p PRODUCERS Jaindl Turkey Farms Turkey Day Every day is turkey day with the variety of turkey products that Jaindl Farms produces under its own and other brand names. By Russ Gager company profile Jaindl Turkey Farms Headquarters: Orefield, Pa. Employees: 500 Specialty: Turkey products David Jaindl, owner: “We’ve done tests on different breeds, and our breed comes out less fat.” David Jaindl maintains that his turkeys are lean from the breed, not the feed, and that they have 55 percent less fat. V ertically integrated Jaindl Turkey Farms sells everything connected with the popular poultry but the gobble. It breeds and hatches turkeys from its own eggs, grows their feed on 11,000 acres of farmland and processes the products, all in its own facilities. Among the advantages of this approach is full accountability. “We not only produce it, we raise, grow, harvest, store and produce it at our feed mill,” owner David Jaindl points out. “It’s a built-in hedge to minimize any price spiking and input costs.” Grain prices have spiked recently, Jaindl notes, and the cost of fertilizer has been increasing. Jaindl Turkey Farms formulates a proprietary all-vegetable diet for its turkeys and uses no meat by-products in its feed. “Turkeys are vegetarians at this farm,” Jaindl declares. “They’re pretty much vegetarian in the wild. Nuts, berries – things like that are more their natural diet.” Jaindl Farms does not use a “least cost” diet – this provides a consistent taste to every turkey. The feed grown on Jaindl Turkey Farm’s 300 farms is mainly corn and soybeans. The diets produced on the farm also include a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals. When the company mills its grain, it extrudes the whole soybean and converts it into 36 percent protein. The oil expelled by inline presses from the extruded beans is converted into an environmentally friendly bio-fuel that heats the farm buildings and runs the farm equipment. Jaindl maintains that his turkeys are lean from the breed, not the feed. They have 55 percent less fat and 25 percent fewer calories than other raw turkeys while still remaining juicy and succulent, the company says. “Our birds have more white meat than most birds on the market,” Jaindl maintains. 118 food & drink • fall/winter 2012 • << Grand Champion The breed was created by Jaindl’s father, Fred. Associate and General Manager Richard Gildner is credited with many of the innovations during his 50-year tenure with the company. The fully integrated operation produces and processes the turkey from egg to table. “We select the breeders each year from the previous year’s offspring, and we keep about 20,000 breeders each year,” Jaindl explains. “They produce the offspring of the fol-

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Food and Drink - Fall/Winter 2012
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Food and Drink - Fall/Winter 2012