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>p PRODUCERS Mountain Pure Beverage Co. LLC Purely Business Mountain Pure is expanding capacity with a new plant and diversifying its products to move into a number of different markets. company profile Mountain Pure Beverage Co. LLC Employees: 150 Specialty: Water, beverages and pharmaceuticals John Stacks, CEO: “All our plants have to undergo a rigorous quality inspection annually.” E Mountain Pure says it promotes spring water because of the natural mineral elements in it. verybody has an energy drink. Marketers compete with each other to see who can put the most caffeine in a beverage without keeping people up all night. But what happens when consumers want a good night’s sleep without a prescription medication that will make them drowsy the next day? Mountain Pure Beverage Co. LLC has the answer for that, and it’s a snooze – literally – called ZZZZs. “In the world today – with all the people taking so many different medicines – the doctors we have consulted with say if you get proper sleep and rest, many of the medicines people are taking are not necessary,” Mountain Pure CEO John Stacks maintains. “Rest is critically important. If you get the right rest, you don’t need so much of the caffeine that stresses your body. You have the restful sleep that gives you the ability to deal with life’s challenges. Based on that, we started working on this about three years ago, and we’re going to be introducing the product this fall on a retail level. It improves and enhances sleep and relaxation. We’re excited about it.” ZZZZs is an all-natural, milk-based product that is homogenized and pasteurized and will work like a glass of warm milk before bedtime. To be available in 90 food & drink • fall/winter 2012 • <<

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Food and Drink - Fall/Winter 2012
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NYC Wine & Food Festival
Going Global
Beverage Focus
Caribou Coffee
Scooter’s Coffee & Yogurt
Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen
Distributors: Food Law
Progressive Gourmet
Rocky Mountain Natural Meats
Seattle Fish Company of New Mexico
Blue Mountain Growers
Dandrea Produce and Wines
Dorr Lobster
Gary’s Seafood and Specialties
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Mountain Pure Beverage Co.
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Family Fresh Pack
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Bear Republic Brewing Co.
Demerara Distillers
Walker & Sons Inc. – Slap Ya Mama
DRY Soda Co.
Good Time Beverages
Greencore USA
Jaindl Turkey Farms
McCall Farms
Nuovo Pasta Productions
Brewery Ommegang
R.L. Schreiber
Venus Wafers Inc.
Casper’s Ice Cream
Restaurants: Smart Marketing
Extreme Pizza
Buffalo Wings & Rings
Fatburger North America Inc.
Famous Famiglia
Francesca’s Restaurants Inc.
Aurelio’s Pizza
Yoshinoya America
Crepe Delicious
FREEB!RDS World Burrito
Razzoo’s Cajun Café
Independent Restaurants
Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant
The Alicart Restaurant Group
The Optimist
The Olive Tree Italian Restaurant
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Salty’s Seafood Grills
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Weigel’s Inc.
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Food and Drink - Fall/Winter 2012