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TenCate Protective Fabrics / Headquarters: Pendergrass, Ga. / Employees: 480 Revenue: $200 million / Specialty: High-tech protective fabrics Cutting-edge Solutions tencate protective fabrics can mean the difference between life and death for firefighters, soldiers or utility workers. by marta jimenez-lutter In 1968, a car exploded during the pre-trials of the Indianapolis 500. The driver of the car came out of the flames engulfing his vehicle completely unharmed. His name was Mario Andretti and he went on to win the race that year. The suit that saved his life was made by protective fiber developed by TenCate. “One of the first pieces of clothing done with fire protective fabric was done for a racing team, not for firefighters,” explains Mike Anderson, vice president of operations for TenCate Protective Fabrics. Over the last 40 years, Tencate has pioneered the most innovative protective fabrics in the world. Tencate is not only the undisputed global leader as the largest manufacturer of protective gear, but it also holds the No. 1 place as the most innovative company, with cutting-edge technology in advanced fibers and a deep understanding of the protection needed for a variety of activities. Firefighters, soldiers, oil and utility workers benefit from the protection of TenCate fabrics. “We are the only manufacturer that makes all inherent flame resistant products,” Anderson explains. “We do not add a treatment to the fabric; it is the fabric itself that is fire resistant.” The cutting-edge technology in the materials used in its products is what has put the company at the head of the industry. “We are worldwide innovation leaders and we have the biggest share of the market worldwide,” Anderson says. one of the first applications for fire protective fabric materials was for race car driver uniforms. Protective Solutions TenCate has made great strides in the development of fire-proof fabrics. “Firefighters [prior to 1969] were WINTER 2012 119

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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2012
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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2012