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COLUMN BY DR. CHARLES STEILEN Options In Front of You regardless of your choice, be committed to success /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// In this series on exporting, the previous article (in Fall 2012 Manufacturing Today) suggested you begin by familiarizing yourself with a particular market, country, region or city in which there might be some potential for the sale of your product or service. Information sources are available, such as, which can help you uncover certain information about particular markets as well as about potential distributors. In addition, recommendations were made as to the type of resources you might need as you move closer to this activity of exporting. R EGIONAL MANUFACTURING C OMPETITIVE EDGE M F G TOMORROW F U N D E M E N TA LS P R O F I TA B I L I T Y There are, however, a couple of different approaches to exporting that one can now consider as you go through this familiarization process. Let’s call these Option A and Option B. Experienced exporters often use a combination of options as they have been able to develop a series of working relationships with end customers or distributors in various countries. Efforts are then made to further develop those individual markets as well as to find new markets. The activities included in both approaches are explained as follows: I MPROVEMENT A CCOUNTING O P E R AT I O N S W ORKFORCE L EADERSHIP OPTION A. The focus is on a particular market or area with the objective of developing that market. It takes some work to develop the plan. Steps in the plan: 1. Conduct a market opportunity analysis that allows you to understand the demographics and market development activities (infrastructure, healthcare, technology, environmental issues, etc.) taking place or that are scheduled to take place in that market. Various countries do provide their own economic development plans over the Internet that give some indication of their goals and needs. 2. Acquire information from potential middlemen as well as potential customers, focusing on their needs, attitudes toward 20 WINTER 2012 E FFICIENCY E XPORTING M ARKETING C ONTENTS L AST PAGE D IALOGUE E CONOMY A D INDEX N EWS

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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2012
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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2012