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Fullerton Tool Co. Inc. / Revenues: $30 million / HQ: Saginaw, Mich. / Employees: 146 / Specialty: Precision tooling Patrick Curry, president: “We have many resources at hand that allow us to provide solutions to our customers.” ‘Innovate or Evaporate’ fullerton tool’s ability to produce high-quality cutting tools and maximize metal removal has made it a go-to supplier for 70 years. by jim harris fullerton tools produces solid tungsten carbide cutting tools such as saws, drills and reamers. Fullerton Tool Co. Inc.’s customers expect nothing less than the highest-quality products available. “Our customers expect perfection; they want consistency and reliability,” says Patrick Curry, president of the Saginaw, Mich.-based precision tool manufacturer. “When they pull one of our tools out of the tube, they want performance.” Reliability and high performance are a must for Fullerton Tool’s tools, as they are used to produce parts and components used in a number of industries where precision and quality are critical. These include the medical, aerospace, 62 WINTER 2012 automotive, heavy equipment, defense and mold-and-die sectors. Fullerton Tool’s solid tungsten carbide cutting tools include saws, drills, reamers, keyseat cutters and end mills. In addition to its more than 8,500 SKUs and standard product lines, the company has the capability to make tools specifically to meet customers’ specifications. Roughly 45 percent of the company’s business is in special orders. “Our products are high-end when it comes to quality, and we manufacture a great deal of difficult tooling that many other companies don’t want to do,” Curry says. Much of the company’s custom manufacturing and customer service functions are driven by its Fullerton Advanced Solutions Team (FAST), a collection of design and manufacturing engineers as well as employees from technical sales and support teams. The FAST team’s purpose is to provide solutions to customers’ issues without disrupting their productivity, he adds. The team recently developed FAST Quote, a quoting system located on Fullerton Tool’s website that allows customers to custom-design end mills. Customers fill in the measure-

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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2012
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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2012