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MARCH/APRIL 2014 features> TABLE OF CONTENTS 12. 16. Departments > Washington The legislation that may emerge from the West Virginia chemical spill in January could prevent similar events in the future. Page 8 Leadership Why you should make a long-term investment in your leadership pipeline now. Page 10 Exporting It could be time to export - a number of developing countries need what our manufacturers produce. Page 12 Innovation Sections> South The MSSC is doing all it can to prepare and educate students for skilled manufacturing and logistics jobs. Page 22. > C ONTENTS C ONTENTS During a leadership shakeup, NRB's dedicated employees protected the company's reputation for quality, service and craftsmanship. Page 176 I N N O VAT I O N Last Page E FFICIENCY The single-most common glitch that can cause a company to go into a steep nosedive and cease to exist is lack of profit planning. Page 18 E XPORTING Profitability C O R P O R A T E C U LT U R E There are resources available to manufacturing companies that need help in driving innovation. Page 16 Midwest The Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce is tapping into its area's blue-collar roots to boost the local economy. Page 40 Northeast NASA has selected research and technology proposals to drive future missions. Page 110 West Through the Trade in the Americas Task Force, the nation's mayors are enhancing the work in various communities. Page 132 Canada Ontario is helping to boost its steel and manufacturing industries. Page 158 On The Cover> Everglades Boats The quality craftsmanship and solid construction of Everglades' hulls makes the boats unsinkable and the company a market leader. PAGE 24 MARCH/APRIL 2014 3

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Manufacturing Today - March/April 2014