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TRUCKING& FREIGHTING Keeping Its Clients Satisfied > M I L L E R F E L PA X CO R P. MILLER FELPAX HAS EARNED PRAISE WORLDWIDE FOR ITS CUSTOMER SERVICE, ITS PRESIDENT AND CEO SAYS. BY A L A N D O R I C H // Miller Felpax manufactures rail parts including When riding a train, people do not locomotive, rail car, traction motor, bogie, truck often think about all the parts that go and gear case components. into their construction. But those critical pieces are the very focus of Miller Felpax the first inventor of gear case seals that A Major Player Corp.’s business, President and CEO stopped [those leaks].” Today, Miller Felpax enjoys strong repeat Steve Blue says. In 2001, the firm helped the industry business. While 85 percent of its sales are save money again when it began manufac- for after-market products, 15 percent are and manufactures rail parts including lo- turing LED lights for highway crossing for products in new locomotives. “[We comotive, rail car, traction motor, bogie, signals. The lights, Blue notes, can last be- have] a very loyal customer base because truck and gear case components. tween seven and 10 years, allowing for we give them what they want,” Blue says. The Winona, Minn.-based firm designs “You’ll find our parts in every freight train in the United States,” Blue declares. massive energy savings. Miller Felpax also has expanded its reach One particularly demanding market is the electro-motive diesel (EMD) truck “All of the class one, two and three rail- by distributing products to 100 other coun- market, which requires Miller Felpax to roads are our customers, in addition to tries outside of the United States. Recently, deliver parts exactly when clients need many passenger railroads.” the company has started selling to clients them. Usually, Blue says, clients will need Miller Felpax started operations in in India, while its top two export markets to make repairs with these parts every six 1948 and sold the first lubricator for rail are Mexico and Brazil. “We touch a lot of to seven years. car axles. “It was actually quite innovative railroads all over the world,” he says. at the time,” Blue says. “No one had ever Additionally, some of the subcomponents are made overseas. “I either have to thought of or engineered a very inexpen- -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] have a couple of containers on the water sive solution to the problem.” Miller Felpax Corp. or I have to have that supply chain con- stantly in motion to have the customers’ centrating on selling sealing devices. Headquarters: Winona, Minn. needs satisfied,” he says. “The railroads were losing millions of Employees: 50 dollars because the oil they had was leak- Products: Rail parts keep its clients pleased by offering a bet- ing [from the trains],” he says. “We were -------------------------------------------------------------- ter price and delivery. “We’re happy to do In the 1960s, Miller Felpax began con- 44 TLIMAGAZINE.COM WINTER 2013 So far, Miller Felpax has been able to http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013
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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013