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TRUCKING& FREIGHTING RGPC’s Long Reach > R I O G R A N D E PAC I F I C CO R P. ( RG P C ) RIO GRANDE PACIFIC CORP. PREPARES ITS OPERATIONS TO ACCOMMODATE MARKET GROWTH. BY M A RTA J I M É N E Z - LU T T E R The Staggers Rail Act of 1980 dereg- // Rio Grande Pacific Corp. says its small size ulated railroad operations, easing the allows it to adapt quickly to changes in the short line railroad market. price structure, streamlining mergers and expediting line abandonment processes. This presented an opportunity line subsidiaries: Idaho Northern and Pa- service called Thunder Mountain Line. for entrepreneurs such as Rick Bertel, cific Railroad; Nebraska Central Railroad; This passenger train serves tourist-ori- chairman and CEO of Rio Grande Pacific New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railway; and ented events such as rafting expeditions, Corp. (RGPC), to purchase light-density Wichita, Tilman and Jackson Railway. hosts dinner trains and sponsors the branch line railroads and set up short railroad operations servicing local business. Bertel founded the regional and holding To round out its railroad services, RGPC formed Campbell Technology North Pole Express during the holidays. The Nebraska Central Railroad serves Corp. in 2007 to provide signal engineer- a variety of industries in the state. “This company in 1986 and it soon purchased its ing, design, project management and con- is our largest market,” RGPC President first rail line. “One of our first and biggest struction services. Robert Bach explains. clients was the state of Oklahoma,” he re- New traffic patterns and heavier rail calls. “After the deregulation, they woke up Diverse Markets cars have prompted the company to invest one day and found they owned about 1,500 Although the company focus is freight in new infrastructure. “The heavier rail miles of track, so we acquired some of transportation, the Idaho Northern and cars have required additional investment those properties. We bought our first Pacific line has a successful passenger on the part of the regional railroads to be property in 1990; it was in poor condition, able to handle the heftier loads,” Executive but we had a lot of expertise in infrastruc- -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] Vice President Scott Traylor explains. To ture, so we made it work. It was success- Rio Grande Pacific Corp. address that issue, this past fall, RGPC ful, so we went on to buy other properties.” built a replacement bridge over the north Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas fork of the Elkhorn River in Norfolk, Neb. six states and went from two employees at Employees: 250 The $2 million project was completed in a its inception to the current 250. Today, Specialty: Short line railroad holding company month and supplanted a through-truss- the company has four fully owned short -------------------------------------------------------------- style bridge dating from 1889. The six- Over time, RGPC extended its reach to 48 TLIMAGAZINE.COM WINTER 2013 http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013
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Near Shoring
Steel Bridges
Porsche Cars North America Inc.
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Aspen Equipment Co.
Consumers Energy
Mountain Valley Express Co. Inc.
Supreme Group
Miller Felpax Corp.
Rio Grande Pacific Corp.
TNT Sales
Usher Transport Inc.
Triad Transport Inc.
Traylor Bros. Inc.
Fusion Logistics
GulfMark Energy Inc.
Mode Transportation
Oregon International Port of Coos Bay
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Sears Holding Corp.
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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013