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SHIPPING& PORTS Making its Mark on Crude > G U L F M A R K E N E RG Y I N C . GULFMARK ENERGY CUSTOMIZES MARKETS FOR CRUDE OIL PRODUCERS AND REFINERS ALIKE. Customers of GulfMark Energy Inc. – whether buying or selling – obtain the flexibility and pricing structure they need at a competitive price because it pairs marketing expertise with an understanding of available hedging options. Gulf// GulfMark Energy has a fleet of more than 290 Mark Energy’s operations experts have tractors and more than 450 trailer units available more than 150 years of combined experi- to transport crude oil. ence in crude oil transportation. The company’s marketing team has more than 86 years of combined experience. producers located primarily in Texas, ties situated along the intercoastal wa- This ensures efficiency and safety. Louisiana and Michigan. GulfMark pur- terway of Texas and Louisiana. The com- chases approximately 65,000 barrels per pany maintains a storage capacity of and Louisiana Gulf Coast, in West Texas day at the wellhead. In connection with 200,000 barrels at certain dock facilities. and Michigan. It has access to 3,800 di- its purchases of crude oil, the company verse properties and sells more than 2.25 operates 75 tractor-trailer units and Service Transport million barrels of oil per month to local maintains more than 50 pipeline inven- Adams’ Service Transport subsidiary and regional refiners. “Our reputation for tory locations or injection points. transports liquid chemicals for hire The company operates along the Texas integrity, honesty, hard work and loyalty GulfMark also has the ability to move has earned us the confidence of our cus- oil by barge from nine oil storage facili- tomers as we serve their individual needs,” the company says. throughout the continental United States and Canada. “With a fleet of 290 tractors available plus more than 450 trailer units, -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] constant satellite communication capa- GulfMark Energy Inc. bilities and a comprehensive, integrated Energy, GulfMark Energy purchases package of operations management soft- crude oil and arranges sales and deliver- Headquarters: Houston ware, Service Transport Co. has emerged ies to refiners and other customers. The Specialty: Crude oil marketing and transportation as a leading service provider to the bulk crude oil is acquired from independent -------------------------------------------------------------- chemical industry,” the company says. A subsidiary of Adams Resources and 66 TLIMAGAZINE.COM WINTER 2013 http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013
Hurricane Sandy
Intermodal Rail
Near Shoring
Steel Bridges
Porsche Cars North America Inc.
TDS Transport
Aspen Equipment Co.
Consumers Energy
Mountain Valley Express Co. Inc.
Supreme Group
Miller Felpax Corp.
Rio Grande Pacific Corp.
TNT Sales
Usher Transport Inc.
Triad Transport Inc.
Traylor Bros. Inc.
Fusion Logistics
GulfMark Energy Inc.
Mode Transportation
Oregon International Port of Coos Bay
Trailways Inc.
Time Logistics Inc.
Verizon Communications Inc.
Sears Holding Corp.
Perry Ellis International Inc.
Tennessee Commercial Warehouse
J&P Hall Express
Pacific Air Cargo
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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013