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UniversityBusiness Con ten ts May 2012 online only Articles Cover Story 26 Reaching Higher By Melissa ezaRik Behind the scenes of how successful development offices meet increasingly ambitious campaign goals in tough economic times. F e at u r e S • NeW: “Meeting the University Budgeting Dilemma with Technology,” by Pat Harker. The president of The University of Delaware tells how collaborative prioritization software helps the school focus its limited resources and get the best “bang for the buck,” while streamlining the decision process. • NeW: “How Student Loan Services Impact The College Experience,” by David Johnson. a student loan program is only as effective as the servicer administering it. Colleges have the opportunity to look at this administrative function in a different light—one that understands it is, in many cases, the linchpin to a student’s ability to continue on the path toward graduation. • NeW: “Higher Returns for Endowments: Understanding the Value Premium in the U.S. Equity Market,” by adam smith. To outperform the broad U.s. equity market, many college and university endowments focus primarily on hiring active managers to outperform a narrow part of the market, such as large-cap growth or small-cap value, while maintaining an equal allocation between growth stocks and value stocks. in addition to active management, however, these endowments should also consider taking advantage of a structural bias that exists in the U.s. equity market. 32 admissions Goes social By kRisTeN DoMoNell Leveraging social media to attract prospective students and get them to enroll. 36 learning Disabled By RoN sCHaCHTeR students Welcome Special centers at colleges and universities are making a positive difference for a growing student population. 39 Who Goes There? By aNN MCClURe ID management policies and best practices. 42 Computing Trends, Today and Tomorrow By DaviD GeeR Tablets, laptops, and desktops, and the need to manage a variety of computer devices across campus. 2 | May 2012

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