DOCUMENT Magazine - October 2008 - (Page Cover1) oct.08 How to solve your knowledge management puzzle p.18 tracking tHe transactional document for an effective output strategy p.26 mapping the document life cycle metadata’s role in today’s world of document arcHiving p.30 ConneCting the dots p.10 DOCUMENT Strategy Forum leaves a lasting impact on those who attended the first annual event The High Cost of Discovery Eliminate the high costs of e-discovery using an effective ECM strategy p.14

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of DOCUMENT Magazine - October 2008

DOCUMENT Magazine - October 2008
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Editor’s View
BPM: Improving the Way You Process
Research Desk
Connecting the Dots
The Compliance Shadow
Fitting Together the Knowledge Puzzle
Entrenched Against the Email Onslaught
The Juggling Act
Tracking the Transactional Document
Unlock the Currency of the Lockbox
Don’t Count Out this Dinosaur
New Products

DOCUMENT Magazine - October 2008