DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008 - (Page 1) dec.08 MAKING SMART ECM TECHNOLOGY PURCHASES P.18 CUSTOMIZING TRANSACTIONAL DOCUMENT FINISHING P.22 mapping the document life cycle CONVERGING REMITTANCE CHANNELS P.24 FIGHT DISASTER: prepare, maintain & recover P.26 Catching Web Fever P.14 e conversion to document-centric web transactions can lower costs for the organization and improve the customer experience How RFID technology is redefining the information era READING THE NEW SIGNAL OF DATA P.20

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008

DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008
Ad Index
Editor’s View
BPM: Improving the Way You Process
Research Desk
The Compliance Shadow
Catching Web Fever
Charting a New Course
Reading the New Signal of Data
The Customer Finish
The Converging Money Trail
Fight Disaster
Putting on a Global Face
New Products

DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008