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feature series By NishaN Desilva aND GaNesh veDNere COMPLIANCE SHADOW The Game Plan The keys to deploying a successful compliance and records management program Implementing a global records management and compliance program is no easy feat. Considering the amount of moving parts — from legal regulations to different teams to variety of language and cultural barriers — it’s a challenge that will make even the most seasoned managers break a sweat. But as the demands of international businesses grow and as cross-country teams become more of the norm, the issues of compliance and records management are coming to the forefront. Gone are the days when organizational programs were typically siloed into one division or, at most, one country. Now, almost every major enterprise-wide initiative involves international teams and cultures — and all of the challenges that come with them. litigation pressure that places the company in extreme risk. Begin with a pilot project, coordinating with a trusted business stakeholder who is willing to be flexible and gives constructive feedback, understands that mistakes will be made and, most importantly, will become a business champion during the larger deployment. It is also important to get the organization to take ownership for the deployment in its respective areas. Attempting to force a program on a business line by using a top-down approach creates needless resistance and delays progress. During the planning, pilot, development and deployment cycles, leverage feedback from the business. For example, set up a site to share thoughts and ideas to let the business have a voice in the program deployment. Involve the business in the development of the project plan (milestones, resources, overall timelines), and make sure the plan balances both the needs of the compliance program with known business priorities. Acknowledging the inherent challenges and issues on both sides is key. Gradually allow the program team to become the subject matter experts on compliance and records management, and then rely on the business teams to carry the deployment forward. Encourage the business champions and key stakeholders to conduct the training, which should focus on the key benefits of the program for the business. “What’s in it for us” should be the central message — and it must be customized. THE 10 DOCuMeNt dec.08 A successful globAl compliance and records management program starts with a strong business case and executive buy-in, not only from the compliance and regulatory functions but, more importantly, from the business leaders. The records management team must demonstrate the value of the program; otherwise, the ongoing obstacles to success will prove too high. When deploying the program, always start small. Never attempt a “big bang” approach unless there is unavoidable urgency, such as new regulations or PlAnning for systems dePloyment should start as early as possible in the implementation life cycle. It is important to make

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DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008
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DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008