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volume 16 issue 7 dec.08 Be sure to turn to page 26 — Bernard Chester details disaster prevention technologies and methods in this issue’s feature article. Read on and figure out whether or not your organization is 100% prepared to deal with a disaster, and collect a handful of essential tips and strategies to help you shield against such an event. 18 2230 production & delivery feature series 10 The Compliance Shadow The keys to deploying a successful compliance and records management program by Nishan DeSilva and Ganesh Vednere 22 The Customer Finish Customizing transactional document composition and finishing for a truly customer-centric communication strategy by David Wilkinson 0 I manage & strategy 14 Catching Web Fever The conversion to document-centric web transactions can lower costs for the organization and improve the customer experience by Craig Le Clair transact & remit 24 The Converging Money Trail Managing multiple remittance channel processing for a cohesive output by Tracy Dalton and Greg Adelson h K 18 Charting a New Course To make the most cost-effective and intelligent purchase, ECM technology buyers must truly understand the changing landscape by Alan Pelz-Sharpe 26 Fight Disaster Prepare, maintain and recover by Bernard Chester archiving & imaging 30 Putting on a Global Face As the growth of information explodes, managing international records retention programs in multinational companies has never been more important by David O. Stephens 20 content & form Reading the New Signal of Data The introduction of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is redefining how organizations transmit their information by Arthur Gingrande q S web exclusive departments 6 7 8 Ad Index Editor’s View BPM: Improving the Way You P rocess 9 9 32 Research Desk Contributors New Products 3 Streamlining the Self-service Data Capture Process: How to Personalize and Improve Your Customer Form Experience 3 Winning Document Management Strategies in an Economic Downturn 3 Reduce Costs and Risk of Human Error when Processing Interactive Customer Correspondence

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DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008
Ad Index
Editor’s View
BPM: Improving the Way You Process
Research Desk
The Compliance Shadow
Catching Web Fever
Charting a New Course
Reading the New Signal of Data
The Customer Finish
The Converging Money Trail
Fight Disaster
Putting on a Global Face
New Products

DOCUMENT Magazine - December 2008