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volume 17 issue 1 feb-mar.09 Be sure to visit regularly — Our website has undergone a much-needed overhaul, with a new feature posted every business day: regular expert-produced columns; a Professional Community (Ning) for you to blog and network with peers; News and Article RSS feeds; a Twitter for easy check-ups; and more. 18 20 Pulling a MacGyver? features 8 The E-Return The Recipe for an Effective E-forms Strategy by Ray H. Killam 20 24 The Print Impression Use What You Have by Kelley West 18 Don’t Unlock the Waiver of Privilege What FRE 502 has to do with your e-discovery initiative, privileged documents and your records management policy, so you’re not surprised at the deposition by Edwin Larkin and Karen Quirk Make the smart ECM decision — before during and after vendor selection — so you don’t have to fix what is broken by Seth Earley and Paul Wlodarczyk 9 Research Desk Digital Printing’s Direct Effect by David Davis 26 Talking Transactions Your Company’s Best Friend Is Your Customer by Tracy Dalton 10 The Hot 10 Document Processing Cash Flow Leaks by Jay Arthur 28 BPM: Improving the Way You Process Pay Attention to Your Architecture by Jim Minihan 12 Heads or Tails columns Document Metrics: It’s in the Technology vs. Optimize before Automation by Mike Maselli and Richard Huff 30 Brief Counsel What’s Wrong with Digital Rights Management? by Arthur Gingrande 14 Content Connection How Far to Take SharePoint? by Craig Le Clair departments 32 Transpromo Nirvana Building a Lasting Relationship by Jim Hackett 3 Offset Is Dead, Long Live Digital by Pete Basiliere 3 Top 10 Document Factory Fix-its by Jay Arthur web exclusives 3 Flying Blind with Billing? by Roger Applewhite 3 About Your DAM Technology by Theresa Regli extras 6 7 Ad Index Editor’s View 9 16 Contributors New Products

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DOCUMENT Magazine - February/March 2009
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Don’t Unlock the Waiver of Privilege
Pulling a MacGyver?
The Print Impression
Talking Transactions
BPM: Improving the Way You Process
Brief Counsel
Transpromo Nirvana

DOCUMENT Magazine - February/March 2009