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volume 17 issue 2 may-june.09 Registration Opens for DOCUMENT Strategy Forum — It has happened! We have opened the doors for DOCUMENT’s premier conference in Chicago. Register at, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for October 5-7! 22 16 What Lies Behind the Paper 22 Can I Plead the Fifth? features 8 The E-Return Six Risk Points of an E-Process by Gregory T. Casamento and Patrick J. Hat eld 16 24 The Print Impression The Tipping Point: Print-to-Presentment by Kelley West Utilizing virtual documents to change the way you transact with your customers The way we interact with our customers has indeed evolved, and the emergence of electronic channels of communication has introduced the virtual document as a way to complete business transactions. However, initiating a virtual document platform should complement your customers’ needs as well as justify your business ROI. by Len Asprey Rule 30(b)(6): Defending your corporate deposition witnesses and your e-discovery strategy Corporate designee depositions, commonly referred to as Rule 30(b)(6) depositions, are an increasingly important discovery tool in cases involving the production of electronic information. It is crucial that your company chooses and prepares its corporate designee witnesses carefully. by Andrew H. Marks and David E. Bell 9 Research Desk Can SOA Deliver? by Bart Narter 26 Talking Transactions What Did You Say Your Name Was? by Tracy Dalton 10 The Hot 10 “Green” Practices by John P. Baeseman 28 BPM: Improving the Way You Process Approving Transactions in a Digital Environment by Jim Minihan 12 Heads or Tails departments 14 Content Connection WCM Investment Still a Good Bet? by Stephen Powers columns IMB: What Does This Mean for Transactional Documents? by Mark Van Gorp and Todd Haycock 30 Brief Counsel Governing the Internet by Arthur Gingrande staples 6 7 Ad Index Editor’s View 9 20 Contributors New Products web exclusives 3 ARMA 2009 Records & Information Management Survey 3 2009 State of the ECM Industry 3 Strategic Document Outsourcing Improves Customer Communications

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DOCUMENT Magazine - May/June 2009
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DOCUMENT Magazine - May/June 2009