DOCUMENT Magazine - Summer 2009 - (Page Cover1) summer.09 june-july-august ALL ABOUT PDF/A P.8 P.10 P.30 10 TIPS FOR CREATING GROWTH WAGING THE WAR AGAINST SPAM mapping the document life cycle Face The Changing of Change Managing the people side of your change management initiative P.16 Multi-channel TransPromo P.12 Are we there yet? Measuring ROI Success P.22 Implementing metrics to justify your document automation investment

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of DOCUMENT Magazine - Summer 2009

DOCUMENT Magazine - Summer 2009
Ad Index
Editor’s View
The E-Return
Research Desk
The Hot 10
TransPromo Nirvana
The Changing Face of Change
Measuring ROI Success
Heads or Tails
Content Connection
BPM: Improving the Way You Process
Brief Counsel
Talking Transactions
The Print Impression

DOCUMENT Magazine - Summer 2009