DOCUMENT Magazine - Winter 2009 - (Page Cover1) winter.09 THE EMERGING INVOICE MANAGEMENT REVOLUTION P.9 TO PRINT OR NOT TO PRINT? P.20 TOP 10 DISASTER RULES FOR CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION P.21 mapping the document life cycle i need Establishing customer experiences that enable high performance P.10 Pro les of industry leaders from around the globe satisfaction Top Companies 2010 P.24 Document Re-engineering P.22 Why transaction shops need to abandon the old way of restructuring

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of DOCUMENT Magazine - Winter 2009

DOCUMENT Magazine - Winter 2009
Ad Index
Editor’s View
The E-Return
Research Desk
I Need Satisfaction
Brief Counsel
BPM: Improving the Way You Process
Content Connection
Talking Transactions
Heads or Tails
The Print Impression
The Hot 10
Document Re-engineering

DOCUMENT Magazine - Winter 2009