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volume 17 issue 6 winter.09 Be sure to flip through to pages 24 through 33 — Our special feature highlighting the document industry’s leaders, Top Companies 2009, helps you find solution providers for any situation. These companies include: BÖWE BELL + HOWELL; Collins Ink; Elixir Technologies; HP Exstream; Kern; Napersoft; Parascript; PrintSoft Americas; and Thunderhead. 10 I Need Satisfaction 22 Document Re-engineering features 8 The E-Return 14 Brief Counsel Digital Documents and the Best Evidence Rule by Arthur Gingrande Establishing customer experiences that enable high performance Though the document industry has been reverting back to more positive economic times, companies must still do their best to serve the needs of the consumer. If they do not, they run the risk of hurting and maybe even destroying the relationship with their customers. by Chris Allen Why transaction shops need to abandon the old way of restructuring Reworking, redesigning, rewriting and rethinking are major processes that businesses may feel are necessary to position themselves as number one in their field; but they are extremely costly. This is why transaction shops are steering toward the post-composition, re-engineering option. by Stephen D. Poe The Growth of Email as a Business Record by Robert F. Smallwood Research Desk BPM: Improving the Way You Process Redefining the New Workflow by Jim Minihan The Emerging Invoice Management Revolution by Sushmitha Koka Content Connection Craft Your Enterprise Search Strategy to Address Your iWorkers’ Pain by Leslie Owens Talking Transactions Tracy’s Notes from the Back Office by Tracy Dalton columns Heads or Tails Secure Sourcing in the Cloud by John Rosenthal The Print Impression To Print or Not to Print? by Kemal Carr departments The Hot 10 web exclusives Disaster Rules for Continuous Enterprise Production by Gregg Beatty 3 ERM Just Doesn’t Get No Respect 3 State of the Industry: Transactional Content Management 3 Madison Advisors’ Industry Defining Print Suppression Market Study staples 6 7 Ad Index Editor’s View Contributors December issue misprint: On page 10, Fritz Buglewicz’s email address is supposed to be

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DOCUMENT Magazine - Winter 2009
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DOCUMENT Magazine - Winter 2009