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BY WILLIAM BRODDY AND KEVIN LANTAFF LET’S KEEP IT PRIVATE hy should we focus on the privacy of recipient information in transaction document production? We do so because the people who pay to have it produced are very worried about it. Many have been put through the wringer by government agencies and standards groups for privacy weaknesses in data storage and online transactions, and these same individuals are anxious not to go through the same with their correspondence. They are not just worried about privacy breaches but also about notice and consent. W 16 spring.2012

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DOCUMENT Magazine - Spring 2012
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Editor’s View
Taking Payments Cues from Millennials
Document, Document, Who’s Got the Document?
Say Goodbye to Big Brother… for Now!
Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Risks in Social Media
Let’s Keep It Private
The Price Is Right
It’s All in the Numbers
Options and Challenges
I Feel a Change Comin’ On
Social Technology & Business
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DOCUMENT Magazine - Spring 2012