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By RICHARD HUFF Is RIght: Service Provider Market Pricing he transactional print market is under intense price pressure. Organizations consider print operations to be a cost center that is not part of a core business operation. As a result, organizations evaluate internal operations with a goal of reducing costs or outsourcing the operation. Service providers, also under price pressure, seek to streamline production operations and support a broader range of services, such as multichannel delivery. While many core applications, such as statements and policies, resist transition to electronic media, many of the ancillary applications that provided higher profit margins for print service providers have seen greater electronic delivery adoption rates. Yet, despite this transition, many large service providers cannot articulate standard pricing models for electronic services. Madison advisors recently published the third edition of its “Service Provider Market Pricing Study,” which examines pricing models and trends for a range of transactional print and electronic delivery services. Typically, service providers receive electronic files from clients, which they print and insert into envelopes. Most service providers also submit documents to the post office or a presort operation for co-mingling with other clients’ mail to reduce postage costs. Service providers may also offer document archiving and electronic presentment of the printed documents to complete the document life cycle. O RICHARD HUFF is a principal analyst with Madison Advisors, an advisory firm that specializes in print and electronic communications. He provides project-based advisory services designed to assist clients with business strategy and technology selection decisions. For more, visit 20 spring.2012 Full article:

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DOCUMENT Magazine - Spring 2012
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DOCUMENT Magazine - Spring 2012