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BY DAVID WILKINSON COMIN’ ON here has been a lot of discussion in the news and on blogs about the impending changes at the United States Postal Service (USPS). For one, President Obama has endorsed the end of Saturday mail delivery. Additionally, overnight mail delivery of First-Class Mail is coming to an end. With First-Class Mail volumes down more than 25% from a peak of 103 billion mailpieces in 2000, there are big changes coming to the postal network, with more than half of the current mail sorting facilities being studied for closure. There are many reasons for the current fiscal situation in the USPS, including congressionally mandated payments for (future) worker retirement and healthcare costs as well as the operation of retail (local) post offices in locations where retail sales are not great enough to cover the operational costs. These are issues that you will see being debated in Congress. There will also be additional changes, internal to the USPS, impacting mailers and their delivery times to USPS business mail entry units (BMEUs). I Feel A Change T Get Ready for USPS Network Optimization The USPS is moving forward with postal network optimization. In September 2011, the Post Office announced the Area Mail Processing study, where they are evaluating the operations in 252 of its 487 mail processing facilities with the goal of reducing the number of processing centers to fewer than 200 by 2013. They are looking to increase the utilization of the remaining facilities, pushing them from an average of seven hours per day currently (midnight to 7AM) to up to 18 hours per day (9AM to 3AM). This, of course, will impact the current cut-off times for mail delivery to BMEUs. In addition, the USPS has implemented new sorting technology to presort flat mail and periodicals into carrier route delivery order. This Flats Sequencing Strategy (FSS) will also impact the entry times for flat mail and periodicals. There are associated service level changes being proposed with this study as well. In December 2011, the USPS notified the Postal Regulatory Commission of the proposed change to service delivery times. There was a caveat the USPS noted for First-Class Mail and periodicals, though; they mentioned that based on 26 spring.2012

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DOCUMENT Magazine - Spring 2012