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April 2012 Features What’s New Feeling Secure About Mobile Capture By Steve Weissman As the ability to use mobile devices outside of the office to capture information becomes more mainstream, the more important it is becoming to secure its content. feeling-secure Delivering the Social Business Imperative By Rob Koplowitz social-business-imperative Will There Ever Be a Paperless Office? By Don F. McMahan will-there-be-a-paperless-office Accidental NonCompliance: An Unnecessary Risk By Joe Pigeon accidental-non-compliance How Can Facebook Help You Improve Productivity and Minimize Risk? By Rebecca Rodgers and William Broddy facebook-bootcamp Motivate and Educate: The Keys to e-Adoption By Matt Kearney It’s no secret that going paperless with your customer communications will save the enterprise money. However, getting your customers to adopt to e-channels is no small feat. Learn the best ways to motivate and educate towards e-adoption. keys-to-eadoption Have You Liked, Linked and Followed Today? By Tracy A. Dalton have-you-liked Friendsourcing: 6 Ways Change Agents Drive Inspiration By Jeffrey Hayzlett The opinions and advice you trust the most often comes from your inner circle of friends. Why? Because this relationship is all about trust. The same can be said to truly drive change in your enterprise and your communications. friendsourcing-6-ways Be Careful What You Send on Your Mobile Device: The Growing Content Security Risk While On the Go By Cathy Brode be-careful-mobile-device Creating a Content Management Strategy to Achieve Marketing Greatness By James Latham CMS-marketing-greatness 30 spring.2012

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DOCUMENT Magazine - Spring 2012
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Taking Payments Cues from Millennials
Document, Document, Who’s Got the Document?
Say Goodbye to Big Brother… for Now!
Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Risks in Social Media
Let’s Keep It Private
The Price Is Right
It’s All in the Numbers
Options and Challenges
I Feel a Change Comin’ On
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DOCUMENT Magazine - Spring 2012