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By NaTalya yEzhkOva has identified four pillars that will shape the growth and innovation in the information technology (IT) sector over the next decade or more. These pillars are cloud services, big data/business analytics, mobility and social media. Remarkably, each of these megatrends have a profound impact on how storage will be delivered, deployed and consumed; on development and adoption of new storage architectures; and on the way storage is managed. From this perspective, storage suppliers have to look at these growing segments that dictate the milestones for product roadmaps, including a variety of storage efficiency technologies, support for virtualized environments and multitenancy, scale-out architectures, standardization of hardware platforms and automation of data management. On the other hand, the traditional, core storage technologies will continue to be in high demand worldwide, especially in emerging regions, which are in the process of establishing their IT and storage infrastructures. Matching existing technologies and roadmaps with current and future demands is always critical for vendors. However, storage has become more interrelated with other areas of IT, which impacts both supply and demand sides. Following the economic disruptions of 2008-2009, the enterprise storage systems market has entered a 20 summer.2012

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DOCUMENT Magazine - Summer 2012
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Calculating MPS in Your Own Company
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DOCUMENT Magazine - Summer 2012