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ContaCt info: COMPANy: ISIS Papyrus Software PHONE: 817.416.2345 weBSite: Logo I EMAIl: SIS Papyrus Software offers integrated enterprise software solutions for personalized customer communications and process optimization in banking/finance, insurance, utilities/energy, telecom, healthcare and the public sector. One Company – One Voice A common platform seamlessly supports high-volume, on-demand and interactive document applications to centrally manage, administer and deploy document resources, data and definitions for all types of business documents and users. Consolidating inbound and outbound communications with processes linked to enterprise systems, the Papyrus Platform enables your organization to interact with customers as a unified entity. Business Applications for Customer Communications More than 2,000 enterprise organizations use Papyrus standard software for business applications to optimize customer communications and billing, multichannel document delivery, case management and intelligent capture. The tightly integrated ECM, portal and collaboration capabilities of Papyrus support rapid development, deployment and maintenance of customized desktop, Web and mobile/ social applications. This integration makes it easier to define business processes, improve employee productivity, simplify supply chain processes, strengthen compliance, and speed performance improvements. • Business Architecture • Simplified Integration • Single-source, Cross-channel eDelivery • interactive Business Correspondence • Adaptive Case Management (ACM) • Mobile, Handheld and Social Support Papyrus Customer Engagement Platform ATTRACT: Marketing with personalized campaigns ACQUIRE: Optimizing the entire sales and contract lifecycle CARE: High-performance customer service RETAIN: Proactive back office operations MANAGE: Corporate management dashboard 28 summer.2013 Companies 2013

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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer
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Why Is Information Capture So Hard? Could Be Your Consistency.
Two Years Later, QR Codes Are Still Going Strong
The NSA and the Itch That Won’t Go Away
Five Trends Reshaping Records Management As You Know It
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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer