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ContaCt info: CoMPAny: FIS Phone: 414.815.4507 Logo A WeBSITe: eMAIl: s the world’s leading technology outsourcer for financial service providers and billers, FIS delivers customer communication management (license/ SaaS/ASP models), print and mail, electronic presentment/payment and archive solutions. The CSF® Designer® CCM suite anchors the FIS document solutions platform. Used by some of the world’s largest banks, insurers and utilities, CSF Designer offers a broad feature set with support for virtually any document design required to centralize your enterprise customer communication strategy. Reduction of total cost of ownership and time to market over a document’s lifecycle is the focus of CSF Designer product management. A user of CSF Designer within its services operation, supporting critical customer documents for hundreds of companies, FIS understands the importance of quick document implementation. But, also focuses on the maintenance and testing activities that ultimately make up the bulk of costs and hours over a document’s lifecycle. CSF Designer’s unique architecture ensures a single document template, a single point of maintenance, will drive high volume, on-demand, and interactive production with multi-channel and multi-lingual support. The CSF Designer CCM suite includes: CSF Designer authoring client - Full feature, rich client providing complex data mapping, design layout, integrated messaging, web control logic and sophisticated output management control. CSF DesignerWeb® - Web-based tool that extends read-only document review for enterprise workflow and design support for content management by business users or external contributors. CSF Designer Intuition® - A back-office and front-line, web-based experience to complete interactive document sessions on-demand and deliver at the desktop, via email or through central operations. CSF FasTest® - An automated testing suite that can reduce user and regression testing costs by more than 50% while testing 100% of output instead of test cases comprising a minimum of actual output. CSF Forms Manager™ - Import existing print forms’ content (e.g. metacode forms) or make them available as images during CSF processing. CSF Re@ltime® - Composition as a service to render documents directly from external web applications. Companies 2013

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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer
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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer