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CONTACT INFO: COMPANY: Diversified Information Technologies PHONE: 800.852.9809 LOGO W WEBSITE: EMAIL: hat happened to the paperless office? We are drowning in a “hybrid” environment with paper and e-communications. Instead of a single secure storehouse of information, workplaces have dozens of non-integrated repositories that are less secure and riskier than ever. We never achieved the efficiencies and cost savings of being paperless. So how do we get to “less” paper? It starts by managing what you can control and positioning yourselves for the future. We start by digitizing everything—converting every hard copy to digital upon receipt. We prep and scan/image in a centralized and digital mailroom offsite. We ID each document and move “images” to the desktop. Once the paper is gone, we look at ways to improve the workflow and strategic processes. We automate the workflow by aggregating the paper intake using email, fax, and web forms. Then we abstract the data via specified business rules using technology and subject matter resources. We can feed an existing content management system with the workflow along with email and web forms using the same process or by going to the cloud utilizing a SaaS solution. What about records that need to be kept on paper? We can preserve what needs to be kept and do away with other non-essential paper. In order to comply with standards, we can destroy on schedule. When another copy from a file is needed, scan-on-demand is available. This ensures the preservation of the document by never having it leave the safety of a highly secure and compliant storage facility! How do we communicate with customers and other businesses? There’s a good chance we will never get everyone on board for e-communications, so we have the flexibility to use an omni-channel communication approach. We will deliver documents utilizing the method best suited to fit your needs whether you prefer electronic or paper. How can Diversified help me get there? Diversified will help take you paper “less.” We have the people, the processes and the technology to manage your • Multi-channel communications • Capture and convert your paper documents now and going forward • Process your documents with automation SaaS workflow – defined and undefined • Preserve and destroy your paper with compliance 30 summer.2013 COMPANIES 2013

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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer
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Why Is Information Capture So Hard? Could Be Your Consistency.
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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer