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S ince 1995, CRe8® incorporated independent Consultants has helped organizations plan for paperless technologies, process improvement, and Complex Computer system Replacement. as independent consultants, we work directly for end users and do not sell or represent technology solutions. this allows CRe8 to provide an independent voice to evaluate process improvement and technologies options. CRe8 has worked with national and international customers in all industry sectors, including Fortune 100, government, and privately held. Paperless Technology Planning – we help organizations plan for scan, capture, imaging, recognition, electronic form, electronic content management (eCm), electronic document management (eDm), workflow, ColD and e-discovery technologies. CRe8 assists organizations with the development of an enterprise wide plan; application design/RFp requirements; workflow requirements; update of records schedules, policies, and procedures; cost/benefit evaluation; vendor selection and evaluation; and quality assurance. Process Improvement Services – CRe8 helps organizations determine what type of process improvement action plan (enterprise, department, or group) is required to fix identified issues or to meet new operational goals. we help organizations document the current process state; evaluate process issues, defects, goals, and customer requirements; identify what are the root causes of issues and defects; determine what type of process changes are necessary (procedural and/or technology); conduct process redesign; develop a change action plan; and oversee changes. ContaCt info: Company: CRE8 phone: 206.257.7347 website: email: Complex System Replacement – CRe8 assists organizations with planning for replacement of complex computer systems that are “not functioning correctly” or are older and “in need of replacement”. our approach helps organizations determine how to extend the life of an existing computer system, evaluate porting options to new platforms, assess Cots (predeveloped off the shelf replacement systems) options and assess custom software development risks and benefits. we develop application requirements, identity process improvement requirements, conduct cost/benefit analysis, assist with vendor selection and evaluation, review migration plans and provide implementation quality assurance assistance. CRe8 projects are staffed by leading professionals who have extensive experience assisting organizations with planning for process improvement and new technologies. our consultants provide full knowledge transfer of the tools and techniques that we employ. ExECutivE ProfilE mr. George J. Dunn, Founder and president of CRe8, is a worldwide recognized consultant, speaker, instructor, contributing editor, and author on paperless technology and business process improvement. George has over twenty five years of experience in the process improvement and the advanced technology industry. mr. Dunn is an accredited: Certified lean/six sigma expert, Certified business process Re-engineer, Certified workflow specialist, management Consultant, eDp auditor, and former Cpa/management Consultant with KpmG. he has served as an advisor to the worldwide workflow standards board for aiim and as an officer for numerous aiim chapters. Companies 2013

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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer
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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer