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ContaCt info: COMPaNy: Obrien PhONE: 800.232.9595 Logo W ith 39 years of experience focused on delivering quality customer communications, today OBRIEN is a provider of business solutions specifically designed to modernize and refine a company’s digital customer communications. Whether it’s general customer correspondence, customized and highly regulated forms, or bill presentment and payment, OBRIEN enables the efficient creation, compliance, delivery, and receipt of the highest quality digital communications, including eSignatures, integration with core processing systems, audited workflow, and business insights. The OBRIEN product offering is SolvEdge’s Digital Collaboration & Communication Platform (Digital-CCP), which is deployed through a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or via an on-premise server-based approach. WEBSITE: EMaIL: OBRIEN’s history as a provider of managed print services and business process outsourcing gives us the background and experience necessary in making the implementation of Digital-CCP pay immediate dividends for our clients. Why OBRIEN and Digital-CCP? Over 85% of all critical business processes begin with forms. We know that in many cases – especially in financial services and insurance – new products cannot reach the market until the forms and documents that support them are ready for distribution. Companies spend millions of dollars annually on developing, approving, finalizing, updating, storing, distributing, collecting and archiving forms and documents. Even more millions are spent on systems to input the information collected by forms into enterprise core systems. Last, millions are being spent on new silos of technologies to support new delivery channels such as web presentment and mobile delivery. Much of these costs are due to disparate legacy technologies that are not compatible or well integrated to provide a seamless workflow. Other costs represent the manually intensive processes used in developing and tracking the status of forms. Perhaps most costly of all is that management has little or no insight into the activities involved in these processes. With Digital-CCP OBRIEN eliminates departmental silos and allows knowledge workers from across the enterprise to work collaboratively to create forms & documents without the daily involvement of IT. Digital-CCP’s web based technology allows for real-time business insights and audited, organized collaboration. Companies 2013

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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer
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Why Is Information Capture So Hard? Could Be Your Consistency.
Two Years Later, QR Codes Are Still Going Strong
The NSA and the Itch That Won’t Go Away
Five Trends Reshaping Records Management As You Know It
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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer