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July 2013 Features What’s New The 7 Steps to Building an Information Management Policy It’s a Digital-First World: Five Trends Reshaping Records Management As You Know It By Tom Turner, DSi As your data increases, so does the challenge in managing this information. What data you keep and what you throw away begins with your information management policy. Main/articles/The-7-Stepsto-Building-an-InformationManagement-1335.aspx By Cheryl McKinnon The electronic age is reshaping how organizations control their traditional records management programs. These are the 5 trends shaking things up. Main/articles/Its-a-DigitalFirstWorld-Five-Trends-ReshapingRec-1346.aspx It’s Not Over Until It’s Over: The Rise of Digital Printing Is Changing the Dynamics of the Book Printing Market By David Davis The electronic age has doubtlessly suppressed print sales; however, the growing success of digital printing, seen in the book printing market, points to a growing trend. So, is this the beginning of a new age in printing? articles/Its-Not-Over-Until-Its-OverThe-Rise-of-Digital-Pr-1347.aspx The Pains or Gains of Social Media Is Up to You: Understanding the Risks By Brian Christensen With the growing use of social media in the enterprise, management executives face big hurdles in managing this emerging channel of communication and all the risk that comes along with it. The largest inhibitor is uncertainty. Here’s how to overcome it. articles/The-Pains-or-Gainsof-Social-Media-Is-Up-to-YouUn-1348.aspx 10 Must-Have Features for an Enterprise Content Management Solution By Jonathan Lincoln, etfile Shopping for an enterprise content management system can be overwhelming. So, what are the features you shouldn’t overlook? articles/10-MustHave-Featuresfor-an-Enterprise-ContentMan-1344.aspx The 75% Falling Victim to Failures in DocumentDriven Processes By Joyce Ouellette, Ricoh articles/The-75-Falling-Victim-toFailures-in-DocumentDrive-1333. aspx summer.2013 5

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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer
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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer